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OMG i may have made a big mistake!!

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six months ago i went to doctor for a lump in left breast. i was sent for mammo and US. a few days later i got a call to go for another mammo. when i got there it was for a biopsy and not another mammo. i freaked out because i idint know i needed a biopsy and thought everything was fine. the new radiologist looked at the reports and said in her opinion she wouldnt have ordered a biopsy. so they ended up doing another mammo and US and said it looked fine to her but i should come back in 6 months for another mammo.

i went back this past thursday for follow up mammo and got a call this morning from the radiologist saying they want me to come back for an US. i asked her if the mammo was clear and she said we need to do an US. i  said okay, but is this because of the spot in particular from 6 months ago but she wouldnt say. she agin told me we need to do an US......uuugghh 

i may have made a mistake...i should have got the biopsy i gues???


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forgot to mention the lump on my left breat was a cyst....the biopsy was for a spot they found in my right breast

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Can you call your doctor and insist on a biopsy? A core needle biopsy?  You shouldn't have to be going through these scares every few months.  You should be able to find out one way or the other if it is a cyst or if it is bc.  Good luck!

Hugs, Diane

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