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My mother in law passed.

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She passed away friday surrounded by her loving family. She was diagnosed last september, a couple of weeks before her daughter, my wife was diagnosed. She fought a hard and courages fight right up to the end. Her services are pushed back to the end of the week so my wife can have her nineteenth round of her chemo treatment. Needless to say, times have not been very easy this past year. But my mother in law is in peace and out of pain. Now I get to watch my wife fight for every last bit of life she can get and be with her til the end. Like her mom, she is also considered stage 4

        If there is one thing this past year has taught me, in the words of a favorite of mine, Warren Zevon, who also passed away from cancer ten years ago, is to enjoy every sandwich. Which I will do for what ever time we have remaining. 

        To my mother in law Betty, may you rest in peace. I will see you again some day. Love you always.


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I am so sorry to hear that your mother-in-law has passed, but you are right she is now free of the earthly ills.  May she be at peace.

I am sure that her passing is more difficult for you and your wife given that you both are still fighting for your wife.

May you all find good memories to not only ease your loss, but also sustain you as you fight on.

Marie who loves kitties

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May she rip!

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You definitely are having more than your fair share of cancer-related grief.  I hope the passing of time brings a little peace to your family.  Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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So sorry for the loss of your monther-in-law.  This must be such a hard time for your family.

I wish I had the words to make it better for you.

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Thank you all for your kind words. It has been a tough year. I could sit here and feel sorry for myself. But I refuse to do that. I will take what ever fate deals me with a smile on my face. You see, I have been blessed with the greatest wife and kids in the world. All I have ever asked for was to live one day longer than my loving wife. I would die a happy man.

My MIL had a tough life, she deserved a much better ending to her story. That is what I feel the worst about. She spent her life takng care of every one but herself. In the end it was all we could do but sit there and hold her hand as she slipped away.

My wife just had her 19th treatment with no end in sight. She is my hero, my rock. To feel pity for myself would be an insult to her, my MIL and everyone on this board who has passed before me. My troubles pale in comparision to pretty much everyone on this board fighting the ultimate fight. You all, including my wife and mother in law have my ultimate respect. I pray for everyone suffering for peace and happiness. God Bless you all.


Enjoy every sandwich

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Your Mother in law sounds like a great person! My condolences... I lost my mom on Friday to this horrible disease.  You need to fight. !  i also agree you need to enjoy the sandwich because sometimes you take life for granted! My prayers are with your wife as well!

Cathleen Mary
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I am so sorry to hear about your MIL.  What a difficult year for all of you. I hope your wife has an easier time of it and can enjoy many more days and years with you.

Cathleen Mary

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thank you scared and cathleen.

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I am so sorry...I will keep you family in my prayers.



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