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Constantly sick before and after thyrod cancer.

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I was diganosed with thyrod cancer when I was 19, before the cancer i was ALWAYS sick, every month twice a month i was in and out of the er. The doctor believed it was because of my cancer. But now being 22 years old. I'm still in and out of the er. twice a month maybe more. I'm always tired and always sick. every time i go to the ER i have some sort of infection. Between overian problems and kidney problems to a bad infection (such as cold), now i have cellulitos in my face and i'm having a hard time fighting off the infectioin. 

Does anybody have any thoughts? I am running out of paticent and i'm so tired. 

Please let me know your thoughts. 

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I had A TT on July 16th and just had RAI 2 days ago.  When the doctor was explaining everything to me about RAI he asked me if I was aware that RAI only works about 15% of the time for people with confirmed Hurthle aka oxyphil cell carcinoma.  I told him I thought I just had papillary cancer and he triple checked my paperwork as well as the pathology reports.  I thought it was odd that my tumor grew from 4cm to over 10 cm in 3 weeks.  I am a little more than upset about being left out of the loop for my diagnosis and being made to feel like my symptoms were from doing "too much" research on the internet and going "hypo".

I too have been very ill, swollen neck and face, hot and cold, hoarse voice, coughing/clearing throat for no reason, almost choked to death trying to take pills, sometimes hard time not just swallowing but breathing if I don't lay a certain way in bed when going to sleep, chills & hot flashes, forgetfulness to extremes, total brain fog, absolutely no energy...absolute exhaustion by mid-morning, nausea & vomiting and the very worst part of all of this has been the headaches/migraines as well as the weight gain!

Of course many of my side-effects/symptoms are being excused from going hypo and being off the miniscule amount of liothyronine 25mcg once a day after the thyroid removal.  I am having a very difficult time believing that.  I can't seem to sleep more than an hour or two at a time since RAI.

I don't know if this is how you feel, but this is how I feel after only 2 days from the RAI and would like to know if others had/have similar experience(s).

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