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magic mouthwash question

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My parents were wondering if dad should not use the magic mouthwash after trtmnts.   Does anyone know if this is ok to use still?  He's 3 weeks post trtmnt... any thoughts?  I think he thought just to use this for pain! 

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I went through about 6 bottles of "Oregon" magic mouth wash.  I sip it , swished it and drank it.  When I was finished needing it I quit.  I quit somewhere in the first few weeks after treatment ended.  Matter-of-fact I tried it once down the "time line" road and could not believe I loved it so much, but I did.

If he needs it, more power to him.  If it  starts to create a problem then consult his doctor.

Good Luck,


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I used it for about 6 weeks post treatment. Eventually I didn't need it anymore and that was it. If his mouth is still hurting, I don't see any reason not to.


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cherie, i used it as long as i needed it.  i had a biopsy of my tounge in may and was prescribed mm for the pain.  it didn't help the pain but i sure gave it a try  Laughing  .


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Thanks everyone for your input.  Mom wanted me to put this question out there to see what you all thought.  I'm going to pass on the feedback!


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HARD for a week after treatment.  My doc said to use it as long as I needed to and he'd give me refills if I needed them :)  Hope your dad is doing better each day! 

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