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Cancer Centers of America

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My mom has adrenal cancer.  She is being treated at the Cleveland Clinic.  I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the Cancer Centers of America.  Thanks.

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I think you are asking about CTCA.  I use CTCA in Chicago.  I've really liked them a lot. I too was at the Cleveland Clinic for my cancer and it was not a good experience. I finally left for CTCA. Much better in my opinion.  You can call and see if they take her insurance. If they do they will direct you to the center who accepts your insurance. Then you get set up for an evaluation visit which last from 3-6 days.  they provide the airfare for patient and caregiver and there is a small nightly hotel fee so it is very reasonable.  You need to have all her records sent to them and after the eval they will let you know what their plan is and then she can decide if she wants to persue treatment there.  Everyone was very respectful and helpful there and it is nothing like CC at all.  Hope this helps.

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Please note that there is a lot of controversy regarding CTCA - they "cook" their statistics.  Please see http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/03/06/us-usa-cancer-ctca-idUSBRE9250L820130306

Also, read the Controversy section in the Wikipedia article:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cancer_Treatment_Centers_of_America

While some people have had excellent results there,CTCA is known for cherry-picking.  I'd consider other options before CTCA.  The families of the people I know who used CTCA have wonderful things to say, but their loved ones didn't survive.  CTCA is known for being "warm, fuzzy" but not necessarily the best medical care.

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