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My Fiance has Cancer, but the Hospital he is Currently at are not Starting Treatment

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Good Morning Everyone,

My name is Sarah and my fiance's name is Roger.  We found out three weeks ago now  that my fiance has adenocarcinoma of the duodenum (tissue cancer of the small intestine) and liver cancer (doctors noted actual type of cancer, but I cannot remember the name of it).  Roger is currently at Spectrum Butterworth Hospital in Michigan, but they are have not started treatment whatsoever!  The first time he was admitted in to the facility was to conduct tests and see if he had cancer as they originally thought based on CT scans.  Of course, their suspicious were correct and he does have cancer.  Ten days later, Butterworth sent Roger back home, told him there was nothing they could do for him right now, and to contact one of their oncologist they recommended to set up an appointment for consultation to discuss available options for treatment.  Roger did so, but a week later when he went to his appointment the oncologist said my fiance was constipated (which was too obvious of a statement because that's a symptom of the cancer he has), so there was nothing they could do for him right now and that he didn't get a chance to look at Roger's report anyway.  That same night, my fiance was re-admitted in to Butterworth seeing as his abdominal pain was too unbearable.  It turned out to be a stomach infection that he acquired from not having enough fiber in the liquid food the hospital gave him through the feeding port in his stomach!

As of yesterday, they are planning to do a surgery where they reroute his intestinal system so that he can eat, and the oncologist FINALLY talked with Roger about the treatment options he could give him.  However, this is my fiance's life and I want the best treatment for him!  They only have one oncologist there who helps treat Roger's type of cancer (and it isn't the one he is talking to now).  Therefore, I have been thinking about discussing with my fiance the option of him going to the University of Michigan's Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Even though it's far away from where he and I live, it's not too far from his family, friends, and hometown.  U of M offers assistance like transportation to treatments.  Not to mention, U of M has 8 oncologists who specialize in gastrointestinal oncology and 1 who not only specializes in that, but small bowel cancer! 

Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated!  Should Roger stay at Spectrum and closer to where he and I live, or should he go to U of M where he is closer to his family and may even acquire better treatment for his cancer?  How should I approach this topic and discuss it with my fiance?

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Get to a Comprehensive Cancer Center.  He needs to have doctors that deal with his type of cancer.

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