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I was curious if anyone is aware of change from HER- to HER+ ?    In my initial endoscope ultrasound and biopsy the tissue was HER-.  Now after a year of treatment I still have active lymph nodes. The oncologist is suggesting another biopsy to see if the cancer is now HER+   

Haon anyone experienced a switch?

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Josie, My husband is HER2+.  I did a little research and this is what I have been able to find.  FYI, I am on the EC Facebook site as Jana Lynn Queen. Thinking positive thoughts for you and as always praying for our EC family!

Testing for HER2 Overexpression


Patients will have their tumor tested for HER2 overexpression at initial diagnosis and following a recurrence, because HER2 status—as well as hormone receptor status—can change. Depending on how strongly the cancer expresses HER2 proteins will determine whether the patient would benefit from HER2-targeted therapy.

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We have not experienced this.  My husband is HER-.  However, I have understood from our oncologist that people do switch and it is most commonly seen in breast cancer.  I am not sure of the statistics for EC.  

Best of luck to you.

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I'm not familiar with being negative and then positive, but if you turn up HER+, be aggressive.  Being HER+ means you have an aggressive cancer, but it also means that there is an effective treatment for it.  I hope you are able to find success down this road.



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Dad was HER- 9/2012 with 1st biopsy(espho). 6/2013 Mets to Bone in Hip, lesion tested HER+. IT SWITCHED!!!! I couldn't believe it.

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