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Tomorrow (Saturday) 9am PST is the paddle-out for our dear Chen....

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If you can spare a thought, wish her well along her journey....


Vicki and I are heading out at 5am to get there on time...


Hugs, Kathi

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My prayers are with you and her family.  Safe traveling mercies.

Good bye for now sweet Claudia.  You will be greatly missed until we journey to join you in heaven.  Be at peace with the Lord.


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My thoughts will be with you as you travel to represent all of the Kindred Spirits who will also be with you.  I know the ceremony well, and I feel Chen will be right there with you.  Please pass along our condolences to Reggie, Soihban, and all of her extended family.  Let us know how things go.  Hugs,  Judy

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Christmas Girl
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With thanks to Cat/Vicki, too. For taking us along, those of us so far away.

Wishing you safe travel, there and back, during the long drives.

Tomorrow, I'll be thinking of our dearest Chen and her loved ones - especially Reggie and Siobhan.

(((Heartfelt Hugs)))

Kindest regards, Susan 

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Thank you ladies for sharing with us.  Of course, we will be there in spirit and heart.    Not sure I'll ever get over missing her.

Please give my love to Reggie & Siobhan.

Hugs, Debi

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doing this for all of us who can't be there. Please extend my condolences to Reggie & Shioban. My thoughts will be with you all tomorrow.



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Thank you for including all of us who are unable to make it in person. I will be with all of you in spirit as you celebrate her life. Such an amazing woman.

New Flower
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Have a safe trip. please tell Claudia, we love her and whishing her a very smooth ride.


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Jean 0609
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Thank you for doing this.  Will be there with you in spirit.





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for representing us. Chen was such a special person, and I loved her stories! I loved how we got to see some of the world thru another cultural perspective. And most of all, i loved how she FOUGHT!  (I've been here for years, had to change my name to get back in).

Again, thanks. And hug Reggie for us all.

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My thoughts are with you today.


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My heart is with you today. 

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prayers and positive thoughts as well.


Vicki Sam

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