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I had my MRI. Techs comments

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Okay, I am a nurse so the MRI tech may have said some things that she wouldn't have ordinarily shared. I have to say that I really feel as though it is RCC.

The tech said to me that they saw a lot of them. She said they can tell what is simple cysts and those that are more complicated by how they filled with the GAD from the MRI. She said I had both bilaterally. 

How many of you had simple cysts and RCC?


Thank you again,

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I'm sorry that you are going through this, and hopefully, the news won't be as bad as you are anticipating.  My grandmother always said "don't borrow trouble."

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Even if it is Cancer It is small enough that you are going to get rid of it with flying colors. All of us on this board have had or are caretakers for personswith Kidney Camcer.  Mine was 11 years ago. Many like myself had also had of have benign kidney cysts as well in the other kidney.


You are going to get thru with this whether or not it is Cancer. For persons like myself I accept the fact that I had Cancer and as a result of the surgery I no longer have it anymore.



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I am two years post RCC surgery and undergoing scans at six month increments.  My particular case was a 17.5cm tumor on my right kidney that pathology found to be chromophobe and five to ten percent sarcomatoid.  My one year scans discovered an anomaly in the pelvic bone that a follow-up CT showed to be a bone cyst.  My last set showed another anomaly on my liver and a follow-up scan is planned for December.  The oncologist is very reassuring that it is not a big deal but it does make me very anxious.  Best wishes for good health.


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Kathy, I too am a nurse so I can totally understand your situation. I will research and research kidney cancer till I drive myself completely nuts. From the time my tumor was found, the Dr's told me I had an 80% chance of it being RCC but I fought it. Fast forward 3 yrs later when I had my surgery and it was deemed to be RCC. I cried but then I realized that I had it good. I was stage 1, scale 2 & although I had to wait 3 yrs to have my surgery, it couldn't have benign the entire time. I had to trust myself 1st & foremost and run with my feelings. I've had to cut myself off from the internet time to time, as I will over do it with research. I also had to trust my Dr's and realize they are the experts. I believe my care is in very good hands and I trust that the best care is what I am getting. Breath, rest and take care of yourself. Do what you need to ensure your health and well being. 



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Everyone is so kind....I appreciate it more than you know.


I have two areas....one in each kidney along with several simple cysts. What happens when RCC is in both kidneys even small areas? 


Donna, you are so right......thank you for responding.

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You do not  have bilateral Kidney Cancer yet.

In the dark ages when I had my surgery (2002) they did not have partials, Cyro ( frezzing the bugger) or RFA (zapping the budder).

Yours are so small that the doctor has all or most of thes options at his disposal.


You will be fine.



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I know it is hard but try not to get ahead of yourself. The news could be so different from what you are fearing. The main thing is that these growths are very small, so whatever the outcome they will have been caught in good time.

As Iceman has stated the smaller tumours can be removed by freezing or ablation. I had Radio Frequency Ablation on a kidney tumour 10yrs ago. I was back to normal in no time, you don't suffer the long weeks of recovery as  experienced with a partial nephrectomy.

Try not to worry yourself silly!..

Djinnie x


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