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I Visited With My Brother

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Hi Everyone!  I have been MIA the last couple of weeks because of out-of-town guests and then a much needed trip to OH to visit with my brother.  As many know, my brother finished up his treatment on July 22.  On my way over to his house, I kept praying that I would be able to control my facial expressions when I first saw him.  His wife had told me that everyone was correct, the weeks after treatments were finished were the worst of all!  My prayers were answered, because when I saw him I wanted to just break down and cry, but I was able to control myself.  The very first thing that popped into my head when I saw him, was the word, "corpse".  He looked just terrible.  Not only had he lost a lot of weight, but he looked like he aged 10 years and his color was terrible.  Very ashen - like a corpse.  Sad, sad, sad.  But I was lucky, I was there for the change.  It was slow, but by the end of the week he looked like a different person - almost like himself!  He finally started drinking more and is at least trying different foods.  All the food tastes like crap, of course, or as he says, like mold,  but he is trying. He was sleeping much less by the end of the week also, and the dreaded mucous was not causing nearly as much trouble as when I first got there.  All in all I am very encouraged by his progress.  I feel the worse is behind him, for now anyway.  The long wait for his first scan in mid October is on.  I pray everyday that the beast is dead. 

My best to all of you.  I have been keeping up with you all.


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shawn, i'm glad the visit went well and he looked better by the end.  cancer trmnts do take a toll on ones body.  good to hear he is do'n better w/the mucous and that hes trying 2 eat and drink.  hes coming along.  hopefully it will continue 2 get better day by day.  keep us posted.


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you were able to spend time with him and to SEE him getting better!!!  I took pics of myself along the way and the transformation is incredible.  I truly looked like I was on the verge of death many, many days.  I could see it in peoples' expressions.  It just sort of happens...getting better, that is. I'm so happy for him (and you) and pray he's in the clear :)

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pretty crappy when we first finished treatment (it's hard to tell how back you look when you're looking at yourself everyday), but I'm glad you were there to see him start getting color again....start losing the mucous, and not sleeping the day away.  Kind of gives you faith that in two more weeks, he'll look even better, huh?


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Hi Shawan,

Thanks for the update on your brother. Seems like all is in the normal range of recovery. Also nice to hear the knowledge shared here was able to help him at least know his experiences may be harsh yet typical.


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What a good sister. 

I can assure you that his emotions are all over the place too.  I have always heard they take you close to death to fight (and kill) cancer.  Now, you know what they mean.

You will continue to see steady improvements going forward to the point where tasting mold is just bad bread.


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Yes seeing our loved one's so beat up from tx's is rough.  He sounds like he's making a great come back though !  Give it time, healing takes a bit....everyone is different.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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So glad you got to visit your brother.  I'm sure it was a relief as hard it may have been seeing him like that.  Worst is in the past!   Praying he and dad continue to make progress in recovery! 

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