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Response to Hondo's Alternative Medicine Post

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For what it's worth, as I am not the one presently dealing with cancer, alternative medicine scares the hell out of me. Not because I don't believe in it, because I do.  It just takes a huge leap of faith to throw conventional wisdom to the wind and embark on an unknown, unproven journey.  Suszanne Somers did it and she has been cancer free for years now.  I also had a family friend who, three plus years ago was given 3 to 6 months to live with bladder cancer.  It had not matatasized to any other organs, but the cancer had invaded 75% of his bladder.  The doctors wanted to remove his bladder, some lymph nodes and his prostate.  He did not want them to, nor does he believe in chemo and radiation.  I will now post, in his own words, what he did next:


Where to start? Obviously you read my bio! When I was given a 3 to 6 month death sentence is when my wife Carol went to work! She searched the net from China to Brazil and in between. Her question was, cancer fighting foods? She got back the following. Of the 10 or so countries 6 of them totally agreed on exactly the same 5 and in the same order, and here they are.




1. Asparagus (try to consume 2 oz. everyday, yes everyday!) fresh, frozen, pureed or canned.)


2. Broccoli (reg serving)


3. Sweet potatoes (reg serving)


4. Brussel sprouts (reg serving)


5. cranberries (reg serving)




Just try to consume 1 serving of 2 thru 5 with your meal but always some form of asparagus always! I hate Brussel Sprouts and don’t like sweet potatoes either but I think about their importance and boom, their down!




She and I also did a study on Vit D3 and have since realized of how important that little Vit is. It does 2 major things, Vit D3 wakes up your immune system to fight sickness and dreaded disease and most recently Doctors agree that it also fights cancer cells! Check out my blog where I show that video link. Women should take about 2000 units, men 1500.




I’m not a God freak or religious fanatic but I do pray every night for this fight against cancer (again see my other blogs)


I also firmly believe in Mind/Body/Healing (check blog again)


And finally “A positive Mental Attitude” Get rid of feeling sorry and sulking over your condition (if you have a negative outlook)


Above all keep the feedback coming, pro or con!
His name is J Michael Machacek, if anyone wants to look him/his story up.  His doctor has asked him to make his file available to other Urologists/Oncologists, which he did do.

So, there you have it.  Did Mike's change in diet cure his cancer?  You would be hard pressed to convince him that it didn't.  Would I have the courage to forego conventional therapies and just change my diet if I were in the same situation?  I don't know.  Perhaps it was because he really had nothing to lose at that point.  To me, this is astounding and wonderful.  Too bad I hate just about everything on his list.  LOL! 


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shawn, welcome back.  how did the visit go?  how is ur brother?

good post and great story.  its actually amazing!  always glad to read someone beat the beast.  thanks 4 sharing.


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Thanks for asking about my brother, Deb.  He is doing better.  I just posted something.  :-)

It is an amazing story, isn't it?  I am praying that more research is being done on diet and cancer.  Then again, a whole lot of people would make a whole lot of money if we didn't need rads and chemo as much, so I am not holding my breath.   Yes, that even sounds cynical to me.  LOL


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My introduction to the WTF happened here part of cancer non-therapy was a guy I was introduced to while a medical  student.  They made a point of showing this guy offf when he came in for follow up.  When last treated at the University Clinic, he had advanced renal cancer.  It had spread all over his body despite the best effforts of the treatment  team.  He went home to die, prayed like heck, and came back a year or two  later without cancer.  Years passed, and he never had the cancer again.    That's all very well.  It is used to teach the point that we don't understand everything.

OTOH, the vast majority of people who dive into these unstudied, unproven alternative therapy  schemes simply die.  Famous examples come to mind.  Farrah Fawcett, who was off doing alternative stuff in Germany before her death from anal cancer.  Steve McQueen, who was down in Mexico extolling the virtues of laetril, front page news here in the states because tthe big bad FDA wouldn't approve it for use, when he died of mesothelioma in 1980.  These people and thousands of others like them are dead.

We don't know everything.  We stick ffor the most part with standard approved treatments because they have been scientifically studied, and have been shown to have salutory effect.  All else is just a crapshoot.  And anecdotal evidence doesn't count.


Best to you.




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Hi Shawn,

Alternative therapies might still lead to a proven consistent cure for cancer. I firmly believe there are chemicals found in nature that can slow and maybe even kill cancer cells but nothing has made it throught the rigerous and standard medical testing and approval with the FDA.

When faced with terminal cancer, it seems quite normal for those who have the will to fight to try anything and that is fine with me as I am one who will fight until the ship is underwater. The thing is there may be something that works for some people some of the time with some specific combindation of circumstances but again no one has figured out the code and can repeat it regularly.

Something like what was described here seems fine for anyone to try anytime. Can't hurt it seems for most; just add this into one's daily diet and who knows, it might just be of help.

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I agree with you Donfoo. If it doesn't hurt, why not try it. Jim went through the normal treatment. When given no  other option by the medical community and less than a year to live we tried BarleyMax (dried barley grass), staying in the alkaline range of PH and prayer. 18 months later Jim still has matastic cancer in his lungs but the growth of the nodules is very much slowed down and the doctor told him to continue to do what he is doing as it is working.  Alternative therapies involving natural ingredients are not studied by the pharmaseutical companies and the farmers can't afford it so we only have anidotal stories to go by. As for prayer, it deffinately can't hurt, it just might help.


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You think it scares the hell out of you , you should have seen me after being treated for NPC twice and it still came back a 3rd time. My doctor told me that all he could offer is to try more chemo and that might give me a year or more, without it 6 months at the best.


I was not strong enough to fight it again and it was my brother who did not want to let me give up and found the place that did ACT. When you think about it there are a lot of people that Conventional Treatment doesn’t work on, and I was one of them. I been here on CSN for almost 4 years and a lot of my friends have all passed away who done the Conventional Treatment. I am also a very strong believe in Pray and I seen people who have been healed through just pray.


It is hard to say what will and will not work, sometimes we just need to be open minded to what else might be there and make a choice and go with it being as positive as we can that we made the right choice. I do hope that in posting this it does not offend anyone as I do believe we need to see our doctors when we have problems with stuff like Cancer. We just need to learn as much as we can about our cancer and why people get cancer; if by changing what I eat will help my body then why not give it a try. I am now 7 years passed my death date and got to be a part of 4 of my grandchildren lives.


A little more than three months ago my ENT gave me some bad news, she said I sorry but the pathology report from the biopsy came back positive, your NPC is back again. I looked at her and smiled then said wow God is still working up there. She said what, I told her that is what I been told for the last 7 years doc. Then I asked her when you did the biopsy did you see any tumors or any signs of cancer, she said no I did not; that don’t make any sense she said.


Last week I did my three months check up and after she scoped me she said I just don’t see any evidence of disease in there. I looked at her and said doc are you telling me that I am NED.


I live in pain from all the side effects of the treatment; they are just battles scars now that make life so much more wonderful.  


God Bless to all of my falling heroes   


Thanks for the post

Tim Hondo

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thanks for the wonderful post!



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I'm not a religious person that I go to church every week, I'm a believer though as what else is there after death. I can't believe there's nothing beyond death, that makes life pointless. my story of prayer is my sisters story really. Her daughter was born with a tumour on her brain, she was told they could try to operate but  there was little chance the baby would survive so she chose not to operate. Her church people said they would prayer for her we all started praying, she had several check ups, the tumour was still there, then on one check up the doc said the tumour had shrunk, then it completely disappeared, it never came back. She's now a mother of grown up children and apart from a mishapen head at the back under her hair line she's fine and healthy. is there any other answer or was it a miracle of prayer.

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