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How Do You Keep Track of Things to Remember to Tell Your Doctor(s)?

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Now that I am on the three-month cycle for the oncologist (and am gradually dropping off the other involved doctors), I have decided that I need to make use of those pocket-sized calendars to keep track of when things out of the norm occur so that I can see if it occurs again/how often it occurs.  I can also jot down questions as they come to me.  Ijust see it as a handy way to document things for when I have my appointments. 

If you are like me, you find those appointments are rather quick and just general things -- unless you go prepared with questions from what you remember to ask.

What works for you?



When I was doing chemo last year, I had a black bag I always took with me  (books, puzzles, etc.).  In that bag I kept a small clip board/paper where I could write down things that came to mind.  By its being there, I knew I could write down what I wanted to remember, I knew where to find it, and I knew that I would have it with me when I went for my appointment.


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I just finished chemo yesterday and carried a spiral notebook to write down questions and comments, and a separate spiral calendar that shows a full month at a glance and pages for individual dates where I kept recordings of erratic BP and blood sugar levels and symptoms to keep frequency of symptoms straight.

After I get through surgery I hope to just carry the calendar and use the individual date pages to record questions and symptoms all in one book.

Maybe this will work for you.


Nana Sue
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I always have a spiral notebook with me as I can never remember everything.  That's also why I take my hubby along with my appointments.  He actually does help.  LOL

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Kristin N
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We always have a spiral notebook, not a huge one, just a medium size one.  If I have a lot of questions for the doctor, I type them out and hand the sheet to him or her. 

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I have a leather journal type notebook that I write down questions and note different things. Honestly, the problem that I run into is I forget the notebook!

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I make a list on my computer and print it before I go to see my oncologist along with my prescriptions.  

Best to you,


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I am the type that can be very organized YET not.  I need to discipline myself to have a place where I put my notes so that I know where to go to add to them AND know where to find them when I have an appointment.  My next three-month check is the second week in September. 

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My memory seems so bad lately.  I talk to my friend about my concerns, and write them down as well.  My friend goes to every docs appt with me.  She reminds me to ask questions, and she writes down the answers so I can listen. 

Hope this helps.


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I go to my appointments myself.  When I know there are test results to hear, I take someone along with me -- either my husband or my friend/sister-in-law.


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There is a calendar app that also has an area for 'tasks' and 'lists'....and, on each calendar entry, you can put in notes....


With my beau's recent heart transplant, it was a necessary purchase...thank goodness I was due for a phone upgrade...*smile*


Hugs, Kathi

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