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My mom has passed

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Joined: Jun 2012

I want to thank you  for the guidance and help over the last year. My dad called me at his morning antold me me my mom had passed away.   She was in alot of pain these last few days and I am relieved she is at peace.  I saw her one last time before the funeral home took her.  Right now I am relieved, sad and a mix of emotions at once.  I will remain on this board to try and help when I can.  I hate this disease more than anything!


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May she rest in peace.  Sorry for your loss.



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I'm very sorry for your loss.  Yes, she is at peace now.  Take solace in your loving memories.  Stay strong.


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I wish you and your family a peaceful transition without your mom. Maintaining her memory and cherishing the good times will enrich your lives further down the road.


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I'm sorry for your loss,your mother is at rest now,at least she's not in pain anymore.We all hate this disease.

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So very sorry for your loss, but you are right, now she is in no more pain and is at peace.

May the good memories help you, your dad and those that loved her help you through this difficult time.

And thank you for wanting to stay on the board to help support others.

Marie who loves kitties

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I'm so sorry for your loss.  She is not in pain anymore.  Take comfort that she knew her family loved her.


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to you and your family on the passing of your mother.  

Take care,

Ellen & Pat

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sending you a silent hug rom germany


Cathleen Mary
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I am sorry.  These are hard days and you are in my heart and prayer. Glad to read you will remain part of the forum.  We need people who take this journey from all different vantage points. Yes, it is a dreadful disease.

Strength and peace,

Cathleen Mary

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My condolences to you & your family.  She is now pain free in a better place !!!

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It's never easy to lose a loved one, it's one of the hardest to lose a mother, my heart is with you during this time of sorrow.  She is no longer suffering and I know she would want you to remember the wonderful memories that you once shared with her.


Winter Marie

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Sorry for your loss of your mother.

Although it may not be totally comforting at this moment.

She is out of pain.

May she rest in peace.

Peace to you and the rest of the family 


When it comes to cancer, this is hate central....

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She is no longer in pain...I will keep you and your family in my prayers.



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My sincere condolences to you and your family.  May your memories of happier times provide you with some comfort during this most difficult time.

With sympathy,


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Also apply your words to yourself. !!

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So sorry to hear you had to loose your Mom to this decease.

My thoughts are with you and your family, cherish your memories,


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I'm really sorry about your mom. I know it must be so painful. It's so lovely, though, to know she is free of pain and sickness now.




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I am always sad to hear of a passing buthen we know the pain is over for your mom.  I pray for her and everyonein her family.  Jeff

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