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Rough week

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Back in the hospital for another blood transfusion. I keep bleeding in the the rectum areshoo thalso decided to do radiationdown there to stop the bleeding. For the past month I've been poohing blood pooh clots. I'll get out of hospital in the morning the have radiation at 1pm. Then what I dread the most is I havetoo get my catheter changed at 3pm. Ouch! Has anyone else has blood clots pooh? I pray everyone has a good weekend.  Jeff


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I've been having them for a month, mine is due to another new primary tumor though, hopefully surgery will take care of it soon for me.  Hope radiation will take care of yours.

Winter Marie

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I am so sorry Jeff...hopefully they can get this under control for you.  I don't have any experience with the blood clots.  I hope you have a good, pain-free weekend!


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I had one in my lung.  Onc ordered pet scan, which showed nodule in lower lobe.

Expected new cancer, but was the result of coccidioidomycosis ( better known as valley fever). It is a fungus in the soil of Ariz. & New mexico.  Took medication for that from Jan through July. So I'm still NED!!!

Cathleen Mary
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So sorry you have another setback...you have certainly been through a lot.  I do hope this resolves quickly and you can return home and enjoy a bit of summer.

Cathleen Mary

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