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Would like info please

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Hi, I am new to the site. I've recently undergone a bilateral mastectomy and was initially diagnosed with invasie lobular  carcinoma, but while reading my patholgy report it says invasive lobular carcinoma, pleomorphic type. Prior to surgery this tumor grew from 1.cm to 4.0 cm. Does anyone have information on this type of cancer?  Thank you

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But happy you found us! I found this link http://www.breast-cancer.ca/type/pleomorphic-breast-carcinoma.htm (sorry, I've forgotten how to make hot links)  for you.

congrats on making it thru the bilateral. You'll get lots of answers from the brilliant people here, and lots of support if you need it.

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I too was diagnosed with ILC on 4-12-13. Had a bilateral mast. with reconstruction on 5-15-13 and just finished my 4th and last round of A/C chemo. I now will do 12 weeks of taxol. I do not have to have any radiation. ILC is an invasive cancer and can mirror itself in the other breast, thus the bilateral. Surgery was not that bad and the chemo was not as bad as i figured,...so far. You can do this. This is a great support site. Google ILC and read all you can about it. Good luck!


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I do not know anything about lobular, but wanted to welcome you. This is a bery nice grpup of men and women who have always been very supportuve. Just hought I would add that with ypu being new to this wonderful world of bc, when or if you go on line to read all about your cancer, everything given is based on statistics, and each of us could be anywhere on the spectrum.
Good luck to you as you continue on this journe.

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No, I don't know.  Hi to you though and I hope someone can answer your question.


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I suggest that you go to the website called breastcancer.org and find the discussion board for ILC. That website's set up differently as it only had breast cancer boards, so there are many different boards specifically for different aspects of breast cancer. I frequent both csn.cancer.org and breastcancer.org.

Go to the website. In the upper right hand corner, click on Create An Account. After that, you can post on the boards.


The board you want to go to first is ILC (Invasive Lobular Carcinoma)

There are many women who have and have had this form of breast cancer.

I don't know much about ILC other than it is in the lobes of the breast and is a VERY sneaky cancer because it can hide from scans. 

I wish you all the best with this and hope you can find the information you need.

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