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had my second infusion of oxi and avastin and my eyelids feel very strange anyone hear of anything like this?

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Heavy, twitching? Avastin sometimes makes your eyes water. 

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Posts: 110
Joined: Jun 2013

Its hard to explain feels more like heavy tingling

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Sounds anoying. Chemo drugs cause some weird side effects. I wish I could help. 

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Mine would do twitching as well as hurt really bad I when I cried, I don't remember them feeling anything else.  probably just one of the normal side effects, but you probably should mention it to your oncologist and the oncology nurse.

Winter Marie

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When I was on the FOLFOX, my eyes would twitch, especially when I was out in the cold.  

At times it looked like I was winking at total strangers. Vert embarrising.

This didn't go on throughout my nine treatments, just replaced by some other kind of side effect 

You seem to be having a different kind of eye sensation, but I bet it all connected, and nothing to worry about.

Still, mention it to your Oncologist, it never hurts to get the professional opinion.

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I had the eye twitch.  By the 6th or 7th treatment I had a difficult reading.  It did go away quickly after chemo.  I got reading glasses that corrected for a stigmatism and that helped.  I was able to go back to my regular reading glasses after a year.  So, now I have two pairs of glasses that work for me.  lol


I used Lomotil because it did not dry my eyes out like OTC drugs did.

Best Always,  mike

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