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having a hard time

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Although I've been cancer free for about 10 years now it still seems to be most of what I think about. As most of you can relate, cancer is everywhere and it's not avoidable. I am a 16 year old female survivor of a stage 4 wilms tumor. My friends are great at supporting me and making me feel better when I'm down, weather it's cancer related or not, but there's just so much they can't do. They can't relate, they don't know how it feels to go through something like this and I just wish there was someone who could relate to me. I've always dreamed of being friends with other survivors or dating another survivor, but I only had one close friend in the hospital during treatment and sadly she is no longer with us, and I moved away from where I was treated almost 9 years ago. In my local relay for life I am the youngest survivor by at least 15 years. So if there are any boys or girls within say ten years of my age or more truthfully I just want someone to talk to doesn't really matter the age. There's gotta be somebody out there somewhere who has survived and has the same fears and hopes that I do, if you are that person or know somebody that could be there, thank you. I wish all of you the best of luck in treatment and remission, stay strong.

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