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safe supplements to take during chemotherapy.

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I know I am not supposed to take antioxidants during chemotherapy.  I  understand why.  Are there any supplements like calcium or glucosamine that are safe to take?  Has anyone taken B-complex safely or Vitamin C in low doses?  I am on a very good fruit and veggie diet and I drink lots of fluids, but I hate to give up everything, but I will if experienced patients have better advice.  I don't trust the "experts" who don't seem to agree on this topic.  Anyone out there, please give me some ideas.  I will start my chemotherapy for breast cancer next week.

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I think it is always best to check with your oncologist before adding some supplement.  My oncologist had wanted me to start on Xeloda but then notice I was taken Folic Acid for my Methotrexate that I used for uveitis.  Folic Acid was not compatible with Xeloda so I ended up with Taxol.

Always better to check it out first.

Good luck with chemotherapy,


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When taking chemo run all Rx medications, suppliments and OTC meds by your onco.

My onco took me off all suppliments at first and then only added one when I became anemic.  Chemo drugs a hard on your system and you don't want to take something that is going to react badly with them.

May your chemo tx go well and your side effects be few and gentle.


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reviewed, and approved by your Oncologist. No question.  

Just my advise.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Check with your Drs!

I was told no multi-vitamins and no anti-oxidants (no grapefruit or pomegranate either).  This was all gone over with the nurse at my pre-chemo education with her and in the book I was given.  Was also told by Dr that the no tofu 'rule' did not apply to having a little bit of soy sauce on the occasional asain meal we have.  I was told that it was okay to take Vit. D and B Complex.  I had taken both for many years as I deal with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and chemo was during fall and winter (A/C - Aug 09 to Oct 09 and Taxol - Nov 09 to Feb 10), so I NEEDED my D.  I also take a B Complex as it just makes 'me feel good' and was given OK to take it also.  I also had to add K (potassium) 1/2 way through the 12 weekly Taxol as my K levels dropped drastically - I still, 4 yrs out, have to take mega K to keep it in the 'normal' range.

We are each so unique that there is no "One Size Fits All".   Check with your Drs.

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