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Clear Scope!

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My husband had his first scope since he  finished  radiation tx end of June- happy dance for sure!   Yay!

 We were talking about these past few months; from finding the lump on his neck to all that followed- scans, two surgeries, radiation ( 31).... How scary all of it was.   and now?  Dr appts and scopes every 3 months... We'll take it!  I am just so grateful for so many things!  "Live for today" certainly has a new meaning!

I thank all of you....


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The scope knows and now do you “all clear”.  Very good!

3 months, 90 days, 2160 hours, who’s counting, it is all great.

You have the right attitude now heal with the same gusto.


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when one of our compadres gets the "all clear"....

The every 3 month Dr. appointments are a relief, that's a fact.  A person gets real tired of looking at their calendar, and there are 4 appointments a week.....


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great news, wtg!!


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Great news! I remember what a relief it was after finishing treatment and not having to get up and go for treatment and all the appointments, especially toward the end when I was feeling so crappy. Now it's every three months and they try to schedule appointments from most of my team all in one day. Marcia and I make a day of it and grab some seafood at Mo's in Baltimore. Getting the "all clear" makes it a celebration meal to boot!

Continued NED reports, positive thoughts and prayers,



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Very good news indeed, I am very happy for you both. After my second treatment I was being scoped every three months for two years by two different doctors just in case one of them missed something. Keep up the good work


God Bless


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What was once a big deal, now not so much...

Once things were forgotten, taken for granted, of little thought, now are huge....


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I am so thrilled to be reading your good news!  Congratulations to your dear husband and you.  I pray continued NED's in the future.  God bless you both.


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Congrats!!!  I also finished rads the end of June and am on the "every 3 month" appointment schedule.   I am so very happy for you both!  It's a great feeling :)

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