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New Treatment for Cancer (primarily breast and prostate)

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I have recently learned of a groundbreaking new treatment for cancer, and it currently has been effective on breast and prostate cancer.  My financial advisor is not only a business associate, but is also a long time friend.  He currently is working on raising money for the foundation in order to produce more facilities that will offer this treatment.  He told me that M. D. Anderson in Houston has the equipment, and is currently treating cancer patients, with excellent results.  For those of us who have already had treatment, this is a miracle, and for those newly diagnosed it is a Godsend. 


The treatment is Proton Treatment, with a pencil beam.  It is being used to destroy specific cancer cells without damage to any surrounding cells.  The treatment also is used as the primary treatment, and no chemotheraphy or radiation is required.  It is non-invasive (meaning no surgery), and takes about one minute per day, over a period of weeks.  The success rate is phenominal, but there has been little released to the public about this new method.  Anyone wanting to learn more about this can go to the website www.advancedparticletheraphy.com 

The primary person involved with this Proton Treatment is Jeff Bordok.  They are looking for, and have already received monies from enough investors to open up or break ground for  four new facilities; one in Dallas, one in Maryland and another facility is breaking ground within the month.   Maybe this will be the treatment of the future.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed.  Can you imagine being diagnosed with cancer, and not having to take chemo or radiation. 

When I heard this, I couldn't wait to post on this board, just in case there are people on her looking for treatment centers, or just hoping to find a way to fight cancer without having to go through what us Kindred Spirits have gone through.  If this post helps just one person, I will feel like I have done my duty.  Let me know what you think after going to the website.  It gives me hope for the future. 

Believe me, I am not a solicitor.  Just a cancer victim who would like to see better alternatives for treatment.  I would also be a user of this pencil beam theraphy if I were ever to be diagnosed with a recurrance.  I hope this helps someone.  Hugs,  Judy


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I went to the MD Anderson website and looked at the info on proton therapy. It sounds very promising for a number of cancers but NOT for breast cancer - unfortunately. They said they treat the following with proton therapy: 1) brain and skull base cancers; 2) esophageal cancer; 3) head and neck cancers; 4) liver cancer; 5) lung cancer; 6) lymphoma; 7)pediatric cancers; 8) prostate cancer; and 9) sarcomas. It is nice to know that cutting edge research is being done in the treatment of so many different types of cancer. There is definitely hope for the future.


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Irene, if you will go into the www.advancedparticletheraphy.com website, you will see that they are beginning breast cancer treatment, and have had success on small tumor treatment.  Hopefully this theraphy will progress to where it works on all types of cancers.  It did say that there was less damage to the surrounding tissue with their pencil beam, and the perfection of using it on breast cancer continues.  At least they are doing something to try to get the treatment down to non-invasive rather than having to automatically resort to surgery.  Let's hope they find answers.  Judy 

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Thank you for postings this, very interesting for those who will be diagnose.  Wish it could be used for mets.

It is being used for early breast cancer at Loma Linda University.



There are trials being done Clinical trials are investigating proton therapy as a treatment for other cancers, such as:

  • Anal cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Soft tissue sarcoma
  • http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/proton-therapy/MY01592/DSECTION=why-its-done


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Thank you for this added information.  I was so thrilled to hear about this new possibility that I had to share.  Hope we will be hearing more about the success of this non-invasive treatment. Hugs,

New Flower
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We read about this technology last June when I was diagnosed with mets. It was not offering for breast cancer at that time. I am glad that progess has been made.

Thank you Judy 

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This does sound promising in some cases, but with a lot of BC that I have heard of, the BC is not restricted to one spot.  Small cancers are found in other areas of the breast after path results come in after mastectomies.  This sounds too restrictive in area covered to be effective in my mind.  But I can see where it can be very effective with other types of CA.


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