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Phil I havent seen you post in a while. Are you ok or just taking a break.

Cathleen Mary
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Missing your words of wisdom.

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Come back Phil

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I think he has been really busy doing some work for a political website.  I can remember him mentioning that in some of his posts.  

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chances are his employer is either under investigation or already in jail, still keeping campaign money(for personal use) and collecting a pension as well. Mark Twain was wrong on this being the best that money can buy!!!!!

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Phil should run himself. I'd vote for him if I could.

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Hey, Phil. We miss you!




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I didn't think my time away would be this long. I'm doing OK. I did develop "slight pneumonia" from the radiation back in April so I'm on a inhaler right now. It's not bad, I have a cough and I get winded easily-er (??) :-)

I have been very involved politically with building and maintaining a website and am 1/2 of the Media Relations Committee. All that means is that it's up to me and someone else to do all of the behind the scenes stuff. The good news is that we are almost guaranteed a spot on the ballot in Nov. We needed 517 signatures and collected over 2200. People were actually running out of their homes in some neighborhoods to sign the petition. The opposition filed a challenge which is normal but the likelihood of disqualifying 1700 signatures is VERY unlikely. Just an FYI: This new party is made up of 1 democrat, 1 republican, and 1 independence party. It's been an eye-opening experience because I'm seeing how little party lines affect local politics. There are no gun debates, no healthcare debates, no choice or marriage debates. It's strickly wanting to be in charge of our own destiny...

I have not left the board and won't (until they pry my iPad from my cold dead fingers!) but I'm "putting out other fires" right now. I'll try to check in more often. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

A friend of mine just put their boat in a lake by us so we went out on it yesterday :-)

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Glad all is going well.  I envy you Greenwood lake. Lakes are hard to come by in Arizona. LOL

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We call that a "retention pond".

Stay well Phil !  (don't eat the fish)




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The lake looks gorgeous................jealous.

Missed your posts.

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you look great my friend!!!!!!

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At the very least, there would be funny gifs.

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Love the shot in the boat :)    That boating, on the water look,  suits you to a tee!!!

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