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Bacteria in mouth may trigger colorectal cancer

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So do high tension wires, eating sugar, second-hand smoke, driving a Yugo, or using any product in the state of California.


When a good cell gets damaged so badly that it can no longer survive and our immune system neglects to remove that cell, the cell often continues to live by the fermentation process.


It remains alive and grows without the benefit of hearing any instructions from our body; it becomes a rogue cell, growing without direction or boundaries.


Anything can “cause” cancer, even the normal splitting of our normal cells during their natural growth. If our immune system does not remove a cell when it should, we are subject to the ramifications of having it remain inside us.


A Cancer cell is not complicated, targeting it, is. Any chemical can kill a cancer cell, but there is no way (to date) to target that defective cell without damaging good cells. Our immune system normally can, but for some of us, the immune system neglects to do it’s job properly.


And for those of us that lack that necessary immune response, we are subject to cancer.


It appears the Dental industry has found yet another way to sell their goods. Why not? They mind as well jump on this great cash-cow with all the others………


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"A Cancer cell is not complicated"   all biology is complicated, especially cancer cells.


"but there is no way (to date) to target that defective cell without damaging good cells."


Google search;  "targets cancer leaves normal cells healthy" ....results 3.1 million 

some of them will even be chinese herbs John.

As bacteria and viruses are implicated or proven in many cancers what makes you so sure?

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a connect the dots game i havent done that in years...LOL

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lol this was a great reply!  Now I'm giggling.

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Looks like a panther when I connected them!

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...childhood cancers and teenagers with cancers. These kids didn't have much time to be exposed damaging environmental or nutritional effects. Yet, we see 16 girls with breast cancer, boys with thyroid cancer, babies with bone, cancer and leukemia.

Cancer has many causes and some are just there and nothing you can do about it. At the same time there are sure things to increase your chance of getting cancer: stress by not allowing your immun system to work properly, pesticides, herbicides, radiation, smoking, hormones, smoked products etc. And over these we have some control.


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one theory I subscribe to is that childhood cancer increase is due to cumulative damage to our immune systems and a rise in carinogens. plenty we can do about it, but it requires a different health focused lifestyle.

a famine 100 years ago in asia is still causing some children to be obsese, the hoard fat gene is turned on if the mother experienced famine during pregnancy, it takes 3 generations of plenty absence of famine for this fat haording tendency to turn itself off. thats how my genetic adviser explained it to me.

children these days are born with dynfunctional gut bacteria, its one explanation for the rise in autism. google gcmaf and autism.

a dysfunctional gut, leads to a dysfunctional immune system and therefore cancer.

fix your gut (chemo is not the answer to this ) improve your immunocompetnce. your mouth is an essential part of our immune system. google ruggrio gcmaf tonsil ring. basically colostrum activates macropages in the tonsils. if you were not breastfed, i was not, your risk of cancer increases.

our environment determines our health and our chance of recovery! 




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