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I learned a new word today!

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Everything below is kinda embarrassing, so if you have no vagina - stop reading and get out of here.

About a month ago I noticed a new curious symptom, like tiny farts or air bubbles coming out of vagina, mostly when I change positions or caugh. It did not bother me until I started researching this phenomena and concluded that I probably have RVF (recto-vaginal fistula). I called my ONC, she was on vacation for a month, but found time in her busy schedule to reply with an email saying to get off the internet and to go see my GP.

I went to a local OBGYN; he referred me to another OBGYN, the pelvic floor repair expert. I saw him today.

Well, I don't have a fistula. What I have is called rectocele (this is the new word I learned) and it's a hernia in the recto-vaginal wall, causing rectum to prolapse / bulge into the vaginal cuff. It was caused by 1) hysterectomy and 2) muscle thinning from the lack of estrogen. And until I develop problems emptying bowels, he advised against surgical repair, told me not to lift anything heavy, to eat lots of fiber and sent me on my way.

Ovarian cancer / BRCA1+ / ascites / TAHBSO / menopause / peripheral neuropathy / chemo brain / ventral hernia / rectocele... it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Tomorrow I'm getting my semi-annual mammogram and breast MRI as part of high-risk breast cancer surveillance. I am due for a break, right?


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Yes, dear! Especially from this kind of gifts. :)

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The street term for vaginal farts is "queefing."  And now you know...

Yes, take a break.  Hope your tests go well tomorrow.  I am waiting to hear about my latest CA125.  It has been on the rise every month since January.  Chemo on Friday.

One day at a time.

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Merrily - good luck on Friday

Thank you Zina!

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Christmas carols....may  very embarresing in public but no smell at least. lol

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What a wonderful word for scrabble!


Yes Alexandra - you are definitely due a break!  


Julie x   

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After mammo and MRI I got called back for bilateral breast biopsy on Sep. 12th. They refused to tell me anything specific.

Also had CT scan and CA125 today, results on Monday.

No offense to the "pink" crowd, I would rather stick with the "teal".

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Alexandra, I visit my sisters with the other below the belt cancers and am so sorry to hear this.  You bring a lot of joy to your sisters out here so I know they are all praying for you as well.  I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Rosamond M
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Alexandra, thinking of you and wishing for the best. I am sure the many people to whom you have given kind words, caring thoughts and wise advice will be also. I am one of those people and I send you my love. ---Rose.

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Dear Alexandra

Thinking of you and sending you love and determinedly strong vibes.  You are a great strength to this board.  Keep us informed.  

Julie x 

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Grrr! I am feeling very angry and frustrated for you.

But, like we all tell the newbies on this forum....wait for the results.  Don't panic yet.  You can bet I am praying and sending strength amd positive energy in your direction.

In the meantime, go some place nice until September 12.

We love you!

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if it isn't, you will get through this.

I had a breast cancer diagnosis just 6 months after ending chemo for OVCA. The surgery was a snap compared to the debulking/TAH and the recovery was much quicker. I am wondering why you have no information on the 2 suspicious spots. I was told the size of the tumor and was told pretty much what to expect if it was malignant before the biopsy which confirmed the surgeon's prediction. The biopsy did add information, such as hormone receptivity, HER2Neu status, etc, but the size was pretty close to what was found on the MRI.

I was told that there was a 90% chance that it would be benign...go figure, BRCA2 had other plans for me. Because I'd had chemo so recently, I only take Herceptin for the HER2-Neu and Arimidex, an anti hormonal. Except for paperlike fingernails, I have no side effects.  If you want to talk about it more, just get in touch.

In the meanwhile, try to relax and enjoy your little vacation... I sure hope you get to stick with Teal!!





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Just to let you know I've had one for years - from way before my cancer was diagnosed.  It's never caused me any significant problems, just occassionally made it more difficult to empty my bowels.  However, since all of my surgeries, that has no longer been a problem.  To the best of my knowledge, the rectocele was never addressed during any of my surgeries and is still there.

As for the biopsies - a nuisance, tho not very painful (at least mine weren't, until they decided I needed a double-lumpectomy in one breast.)  No breast cancer, just "oddities."  Wishing you well.

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Susan P
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Hi Alexandra

the recvtocele is pretty minor in the big scheme of things.  I hade a hysrwehysterectomy in my 30's to remove my prolapsed uterus & astupi denough to leave the OVs  sometime after found out I had a rectocele don't even remember symptoms.  the gyne I saw chose to repair. & no problems since.




wishing you the best - enough is enough!


Susan from AB


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You are making me feel so much better. Love you all.

As far as going some place nice, I kinda' am, by proxy: at 3:30am I dropped my husband off at the airport, he is flying to Bahamas for a week-long vacation. So I'll be a single queefabulous girl for a week.  Kiss




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Bummer.  I hate that you have to wait so long.  My fingers are crossed for you.  Enjoy your week as a single gal.  We need a little me time like that every now and then, at least I do.

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"There is a moderate volume of fibroglandular tissue in the breasts bilaterally that enhances to a moderate degree with a moderate intensity. Background enhancement is increased compared to previous.
Area of new segmental non-Mass enhancement in the lower central left breast measuring approximately 47 by 14 mm. 
New 4 mm enhancing focus right upper central breast with washout kinetics.
Prominent low level I right axillary lymph node. No definite left axillary lymphadenopathy."

I have no clue what all of the above means, but somehow it sounded ominous.

I went and bought a $50 red lace pushup bra, just out of spite. Flaunt 'em while you got 'em.


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Pamela B
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I love the red push up bra!  And I love your never ending enthusiasm and playfulness.  You above anyone one else will get through this, what ever the outcome.  You have given me so much information and support in the past few months.  I will never be able to thank you enough. Because of you I knew when it was time to ditch the wigs and go natural. You gave me the confidence to do it. Enjoy the time without hubby.  Love them, but sometimes it is nice to have some time without them. Prayers and good thought coming your way. Never give up.

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But let's hope you don't have to handle any thing other than a good stiff drink! In fact let us know the date and time and we will toast to you.


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Hearty Pioneer
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So sorry you are going through this.. ugh I hate when the doc's aren't clear with the information.

Praying this is just a hick-up and nothing more.

Love that you bought a fun red push up bra, enjoy!

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Don't know if this helps or not....not a dr., but the pictures don't look anything like my Mother's pictures when she was dx with breast cancer.  Her tumor's looked like tiny star bursts.  We latter found out the star burst effect were tenicals of the cancer spreading.  BTW  she lives with me is 88 years old and a 27 year survivor!  Debra    

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