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nine years on

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Just a bit concerned  about sensations I am having around the scar of the removal of a 21/2 cm lump nine years ago. I am feeling a numbness on left side of face ans a strange sensation under my teth LHS. I had all clear after five years of check ups. The tumor was low grade and surrounding area all clear. I feel silly about going to docter. Is scarring growth a possible cause.

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Welcome to the H&N forum.

It sounds like you are due for another appt. with a (reputable) ENT.  No need to guess and make yourself sick, quite possibly it is nothing serious.

My cancer presented with NO pain whatsoever.

Good luck,


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Thankyou I suppose I know what I should do. I think I want to hear *Oh that is usual, I get that all the time." I know in my heart I need to check it out. I  just hate to go down that road again. Appeciate though you taking the time to say what I knew. Smile

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Hi Anniepat,

Nine years post? That's awesome! The bottom line is that none of us are diagnosticians and the best thing to do is see your doctor. It could be any myriad of things and with a history of cancer, it's something you shouldn't mess around with. It's better for your peace of mind as well. 

Good Luck...Positive thoughts and prayers



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Just answered my previous post and not sure how this works. I don't want to keep repeating what I said if it shows up for all to see. But thankyou for your thoughts and prayers. I know what I need to do. 


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