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Hi guys,

I still check in and read posts and send positive thoughts to you all.  My husband is so grateful when I can say....oh, that is totally normal....on the boards......  it makes him feel like he is not alone.

He finished treatments for scc stage 4 tonsils on 1/31/13.  His April PET and CT were clear with "extra junk from the landscape change from rads".... But no cancer.  His scopes since then...all clear.  He went through everything no PEG....not by choice...They had to abort surgery to place it bc it wasn't going to be a safe placement.  So....he endured swallowing all his nutrition.

His next contrast CT is in a week 8/20.  And....yep, you guessed it.....he is totally worried that cancer is back.  Last week he ate fish with panko breading which he aspirated.  He went into a coughing fit.  Since then, he feels like he has this tickle in his lungs....he can't cough it away.  It's only a once in a while cough.....but he is worried.  I keep telling him to not worry.....it is not cancer. It's just that back of the mind small voice that pipes up when things don't feel right......darn voice!



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Thoughts will be with you two on the 20th !  So far everything sounds like it's o.k.  Have you checked with your primary on the aspiration thoughts ?  Sometimes they would be able to pick this up with a simple x-ray.  I go in on the 29th....and am having similar thoughts floating through my mind.  Hate it.....pushing it away everytime it pops in there !  Keep us posted, and so good to hear from you !  Hugs sent !  Katie 

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I'm sure he'll do well.... It's common everything he is going through.... I use to never worry about things, now if something goes on more than a few days, the thoughts creep in...

Looking forward to a favorable report back...



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Being worried that the C has returned is something we all do especially right before a PET scan or when something changes for what normal is. The problem is that for most of us our bodies are still adjusting to our new normal sometimes for a year or so after treatment has stopped. On aspiration if he is having a lot of problems swallowing he needs to see his ENT more than likely they will set him up to see a speech therapy. Don’t wait too long as with me I got pneumonia from the aspiration.


God bless and keep you both


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Your husband sounds like he is doing fine and he did it without gaining an extra belly button (PEG).

My swallowing works fine, but once in a while I screw up and get into a coughing fit.  No matter how much I may think my throat is back to “old normal”, it is not.  There isn’t as much saliva and my throat just isn’t as flexible.  Even drinking gobs of water with every meal, sometimes 10 or 15 minutes afterwards I cough up a chunk of food from the back of my throat, “where the heck did that come from”?  Anyway, be careful, have it checked (if worried) and keep getting use to the “new me”.

As for scanxiety, good luck dodging that bullet.  Everything to date has been fine so chances are your next scan will be clear.




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everytime I eat something semi-dry or dry....I inhale a crumb or something....and the fit seems to last forever...panko breading would be in the "dry" class.

I'm kind of where hubby is....my scan is the 28th, and I'm already showing symptoms of the scanxiety....which include symptoms of reoccurance.....little throat hurts, small ear aches, pain in jaw, all things that magically disappear when the scan is over the NED is reported.  I keep telling that voice to buzz off, but it creeps in when I'm not looking.  He's going to be fine, but will tuck him in my pocket for safe keeping.


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It's funny, I didn't get too nervous about my 1st post Tx scan... at least outwardly. But the night before, I laid down and my heart felt like it was coming out of my chest. I didn't sleep all that well. But other than that, I was pretty nonchalant about it. The day of the scan I fell asleep while I was getting prepped and dozed in the PET machine as well. I had prelim result by the time I saw my RO and it was good.

What got me was reading the actual report today and not understanding all the jargon. I saw this:

Mildly hypermetabolic 0.5 cm left axillary node (SUV 1.2), likely

I was like... WHAT?! BUT... the summary was:

No evidence of FDG-avid malignancy.

So... positive thoughts and prayers concerning the scan. Try to stay as calm as you can. Looking forward to hearing about NED... tell him "T: says Hi!


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jim and i
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Unfortunately that scan anxiety stays around. Praying for his peace and a positive outcome.


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OK....will try to keep all those pesky nerves at bay.  I will keep yplastered.


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Stay strong and keep pushin on. 



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I am always crazy the week before scan...then fine for the next 4 months...He sounds like he is doing great!


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kirsten, i hope the scan went well.  let us know if he is dancing w/NED.  i'm sure he is.


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