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Chemo Brain?

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Well, it's official ladies, i've gone bonkers.

Took my mom out to Costco yesterday to pick up some dog food for a friend and some cat litter for me. We had her wheelchair with us (she's recovering from a broken ankle 10 months ago and a fractured pelvis in May) and so I pulled it out of the trunk, got her in, and took off for a wander around the store. Came back about 45 minutes later and went to open the door to get her back in the cars...no keys in the purse. Spent about 5 minutes unloading the contects onto the top of my car before looking down and realizing...i'd left the keys in the frigging ignition of the car while I shopped! So my beautiful new 6 month old car spent almost an hour sitting there with the keys in the ignition (thank goodness we were in a quiet corner in the lot I guess?)

I'm laughing about it now, but I imagine that if someone had decided to take my Bella I would be singing a very different tune right now. 

My husband didn't find this story quite as amusing as I do lol But hey, what can you do but just laugh sometimes right?


Kat <3 

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Welcome to the Bonkers Club.

I often forget why I went into a room by the time I get there.  And my house is tiny.

The other day I had to go pee.  Went down the hall and found myself standing in my bedroom trying to figure out why I was there.  Luckily I remembered my mission and got to the bathroom in time.

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

I understand your husbands concern, but you didn't lose (or forget) your mom, forget you drove and take the bus home, you didn't forget where you live. . . .  He needs to relax and understand that if you get back home and still have most of the stuff you left home with, you done good.  Chemo brain can lead to all kinds of adventure, excitement and amusement.

Hugs and giggles,


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Megan M
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Kat, I am glad your car was still there!  Whew!  I didn't have chemo, so no chemo brain here, but, I do have cancer brain, meaning that I am just like you and Sandy!  I don't know how many times I will go in a room and just stand there wondering what I came in there for.  Sometimes I remember later and sometimes I don't.  I have found that post its are my best friend!  lol

Hugs, Megan


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Guilty of the cancer brain too.  Seriously, I was never like this before bc, so, there has to be some connection. 


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O.M.G.  Sounds so familiar!  I STILL have to look in the rear window of every car I walk past on the way out of the supermarket, just to see which side the steering wheel is.  Also I am absolutely useless with cash,  if some store asks me for 43$  I am likely to give them 4 x $20 + 3 x $10.  I usually end up just tipping all my cash out on the counter for them!  (Thankfully, most folk are honest).  Good luck with that hun.  Also get SO HOSED OFF at people who say "Oh, that is just age"............... I was NEVER like this before chemo!,,, Tash xxxxxxxx


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I am famous for my nerdiness, lecturing and links.  These days I find myself foggy and think my advice is suspect at best...Lol. 

On Sunday, Katherine asked if we could do some light shopping together at a nearby store.  I said that was as much as I could handle.  Well instead, I got on the interstate and started driving who knows where?  Katherine said, "Mom, where the heck are you going?"  I had no idea. 

BTW, I was so tired that we got as far as buying me prilosec and Katherine said I needed to go home.  I told her that I am weak as a kitten--pitiful.  She replied, "Mom, my kittens are much more energetic."  Low blow...Lol.

I am glad that your new car didn't get stolen!!!!  Thank goodness!!!!


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I couldn't remember how to make coffe one morning and I am a coffee holic! In the car I got lost one day and couldn't remeber how to get home from Walmarts!  Had to go into the library and mapquest how to get to my house. LOL

Cheryl 1
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Happens to me all of the time!  I've gotten to where I make a list when I leave the house, so, I don't forget to do something that I wanted to do. 


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All of this sounds too familiar unfortunately.  I am sorry this happens to you, but at least now, you know you aren't alone.  I was one of the lucky ones that didn't have chemo, but, my mind still wanders here and there at times and I do blame it all on the bc.

Hugs, Noel


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I am the ultimate list maker!  lol  I have to! 

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Oh I do love mapquest too Vicki!  LOL 

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I'm a member of the bonkers club too!  You can call it chemo brain, rad brain, or, cancer brain.  It does affect our minds and our bodies.


Lynne P
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I guess I have the cancer brain too as I am so forgetful anymore and even find it hard to concentrate at times.  I was never like this before bc. 

Pink Rose
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Now I have an excuse!  Thanks!  I know it isn't funny, but, I've noticed that my mind seems a lot worse after bc, and, I am sure that is the reason. 

Hugs, Rose

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I had chemo brainpretty bad, buit improved to a tolerable level. Now i am dealing with a concussion that i received in an accident at work, So between the chemopause brain, chemobrain, and the concussion, I might need to be admitted to the memory unit.

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