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I may or may not be depressed....

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My thyroid is way off again.  I am very hypothyroid and I always take my thyroid meds as directed.  I see the endocrinologist tomorrow.  I am going to ask her if we can't keep a closer eye on my thyroid.  I should start to feel less tired!

I guess this is a good lesson for us all (definitely for me Wink).  Don't assume everything is caused from chemo or cancer.  Keep an eye on other symptoms and issues too!

New Flower
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Of course cancer always takes priority and is blamed for everything. 

When is the Wedding? Time flys and Chemo brain is not helping.

Good luck

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Good luck with appt today.

I also found out I can't blame all on chemo.  Fatigue has me so worn any walking is an effort.  Thought it was all chemo.  Turns out a good part of it is high blood sugar.

Life is full of surprises.

My prayers are with you.


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Thanks!  We went up on my levothyroxine today and I am going to have my TSH checked every 2 months now.  My level was 10 X the normal.  Endocrinologist thinks that the chemo is interfering with absorption.  I am not sure if it is the chemo or the cancer, but hopefully my level will come up and I will feel better.

I have been beyond exhausted and blaming it all on chemo.  I am not going down on lexapro for now because I am feeling less depressed and the onc said leave it alone for now.  I agree!

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so I understand the frustration, confusion and quest to confirm that we are NOT INSANE, or depressed.  During chemo I saw my Endocrinologist every 3 to 4 months - however, I now feel I should of seen him more often.

Happy Thoughts and Strength, CC


Vicki Sam

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Chemo was interfering with my uveitis.  My doctor exchange the drops I was on to another.  Since the oncologist decrease the dosage of my chemo, the last time I saw my eye specialist, it was pretty good.

I am always exhausted too.  Good luck CC and I hope it all works.


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