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A Miracle and an Answered Prayer

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Recently, I started a discussion thread on the subject of applying for Social Security Disablilty. I received many excellent replies and a (mostly) good discussion ensued. I am especially appreciative to our Les, who is a former Social Security Administration employee, for his contributions. Thank you again, Les.

A few days ago, I received a correspondence from the SSA requesting a detailed work history. I only had 10 days, from the date of the letter, to complete this report. Based on the date I received the letter, I only had 4 days. I completed it today. My hand was aching badly by the time I wrote out all the information (no idea why this couldn't be done online). That was the most I had hand-written in a long time.

Before I took the report to the post office to be mailed, I decided to check my checking account balance (online) as I wanted to pick up a few items from the grocery store while I was out. I knew there was less than $200 in this account and I needed to find out how much less. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and there will be a $40 co-pay. So how much could I afford at the grocery store?

When I looked at my account balance, I was shocked. Stunned, really. I had a balance of a few thousand dollars. Without understanding this, I went ahead to the post office before they closed and on to the grocery store because I did see the expected balance (prior to the "pending" transaction).

When I got back home, I delved further. According to my bank, there was a large deposit, today, from the Social Security Administration. I went to the S.S.A. website to check the status of my claim. It stated there had been a determination made and that it would be explained by US Mail. Well, I already know what the decision was by my bank balance.

Could it really be possible that I applied for Social Security Disability less than 3 weeks ago, was approved, and have already received retroactive payment? Yes.

And now, for the miracle and answered prayer part.

I have never prayed for money. I didn't want to bother God with my finances. I wouldn't hesitate to pray for shelter or food but I am blessed enough that I have never needed to. My prayers involve giving thanks for all my many blessings. I pray for health for myself and others. I have prayed for my doctors and nurses. I pray to understand and not feel ill-will to other people. I pray for God to show His will for my life. I pray for safety and security. I pray for the people in my family and others I love.

I decided to pray for a positive outcome to my application for Social Security Disability. I prayed, not for my financial gain, but rather for relief from the stress and strain on my husband in dealing with my major medical expenses, as well as our daily living expenses, despite his employment insecurity.

With gratitude and respect,




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Hi Rocquie,

 Certainly sounds to me like your prayer was answered! I'm so happy for you! Stress from financial worry is so hard..mentally and physically! Now you can focus on healing. I have never doubted the power of prayer. Take care friend.

Much love...Sue

(Follicular NHL-stg3-grd2-typA-Dx 6/10-age 62) In remission

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Hi Rocquie,

I'm so happy for you!!! Your case got approved exactly as mine did...

I also remember crying and worrying because I didn't know how I was going to pay for my treatments and test. But Thank God we got approved fast ^_^   Take care 




Mary N.
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It was wonderful that you got prompt approval.  It sort of reminds us that prayers are answered and that ocassionally the government works as it is suppossed to work.  I hape that the bit of financial help makes it much easier to complete you treatment with less stress.  Blessings. Prayers coming your way.


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     Congratulations on receiving Disability benefits. When you get the next letter explaining your benefits, make sure you read it over completely just in case they ask you for any additional information. 

     The next letter should be the "Notice of Award" which describes their decision on your claim and includes the date they determined your disability began, the date of entitlement to Disability benefits, the amounts payable; and it gives you your appeal rights in case you dispute something.  The Notice of Award is an important legal document that should be copied and kept in a safe place. 

     The date of entitlement to Disability benefits usually determines the date you will be eligible for Medicare parts A and B (generally, 2 years after the date of entitlement to Disability).

     Social Security is a large agency where different technical people do different parts of the job. The people who decide your eligibility for Disability benefits are often not the people who make decisions on your eligibility based on your work record. So the disability technical staff may not have accessed your earnings record to determine your work history.  That may be why you received a separate letter on work history. One would think that all these different aspects of the job would be combined, but it is too much for any one person to handle: There are over 100 volumes  of the Social Security administrative code. 

     It is amazing how fast a case can go through as long as there are no complex issues (such as multiple vague disabilities, workers' compensation, SSI involvement, confusing earnings records, or legal questions as a veteran or railroad worker, etc.)   

    Again, congratulations and good luck.  Now you can move on to other aspects of life that are hopefully happier and less stressful.       Les

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That is great news Roquie and I know you guys are relieved.  I hope you guys do something nice for yourselves (not too extravagant of course)!

Hugs - Jim

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Thank you God for this blessing....I am soooooo happy this burden will be lightened



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He works in mysterious ways, no? When I was "non-voluntarily" retired early, I lost medical and 40% of my income. Well, I simply had to have faith that we would be cared for. I applied for SSD and after making one correction in my application, I called a few weeks later to see the status of my case. The SS worker said, "You might want to check your bank account" So I did, and got the same pleasant surprise that you did. That took so much worry away. Let us give thanks where thanks are due!

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Sue, Liz, Mary, Les, Jim, Carie and Po, I appreciate your kind replies.

Jim, I had a Doctor's appointment Tuesday and learned that I still have low blood protein. We went to Longhorn after the appointment and ate a steak dinner. It was both a treat and medicinal. Smile  Today, I picked out and ordered new glasses. A few weeks ago, I went to the eye doctor but could not afford the new glasses I needed. I can't wait to be able to see.   

I hope you all are doing well!



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