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High creatinine at 10, needs dialysis

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Hi,  my father was diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal cancer mets to liver on December 2012. 

Had colorectal surgery and removed 2/3 of his Colon, also had RFA for the removal of tumors found in liver.

Last colonoscopy showed everything was clear, this was 2 weeks ago.

CT scan showed everything was cleared except enlargement of both kidneys.

Bloody stools for a month already and endoscopy showed that there was a small erosion.

Had anyone had this? What's the cause for the high creatinine and the kidney failure?

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My husband has dealt with high creatinine a couple of times - both times caused by dehydration and then back to normal after being hydrated.   10 is REALLY high though -did it just make that jump or was it going up gradually?  Had they been checking his levels throughout?

I can tell you my mom has been on kidney dialysis for over 25 yrs now, but has not dealt with cancer also so I'm sure it would be  more difficult for him.  I'm sorry that he is going through this.  Please let us know how he's doing.

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