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Dogs sniff out ovarian cancer

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Hello ladies, my friend sent me the interesting article (hopefully you can click through to below or you may need to copy and paste) about dogs being able to sniff out ovarian cancer. No mention of how "soon" they would catch it but wish these dogs were everywhere!


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I wish these dogs were everywhere!


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My dog was trying to get so close to me before diagnosis it was really weird. Even slept pin my room instead of my granddaughters room.

After chemo he  stopped then a month later started up again, I was due for a scan and lo and behold they found a mass on my right kidney

Sofar he has been a acting normal if it happens again I want a new dog !


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I have a cat that I've had 10+ yrs.  She seems to know when and where I hurt. If I have a headache, she lays on my head (or tries to). If my back hurts, she lays on it (when I am laying face down on my tummy) etc. She just seems to know. I don't know how she knows and it took me a while before I figured out the correlation. At first I thought it coincidence, but she's so good at it, I am amazed by  her.  (I've wondered if she can sense the heat from the pain?)



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Hearty Pioneer
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Dogs like me, they always come and sniff me and lay on me, curl up at my feet, etc...

I don't like dogs, when I was 9 I was significantly bit by 5 dogs.  I had over 70 stitches in my legs. The only thing that saved my neck was I was wearing on old wool coat (ugly) with a heavy, large, square salior collar. That collar bunched up and protected my neck.

So, I have always found it odd that dogs like me and stick to me like glue. I've always told my friends it is because they think I smell like a good meal.

Maybe it is the cancer?

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I was bit by a large dog 20 years ago. As I was walking along the gated villa, he stuck his snout through the pickets and closed his jaws on my thigh.

Maybe he didn't like my fashion sense (electric lime green spandex leggings were big in the early 90's), maybe it could smell cancer in my future, but I'm scared of dogs ever since.

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Hearty Pioneer
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Yes, I battle the fear of dogs too. Once they bite you, you have a real respect for their space.

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kimberly sue 63
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when I was in the middle of treatment, I was babysitting a chocolate lab for many weeks at a time. he knew me because I had baby sat him multiple times for 1-2 month stretches in the past. When he returned home to his family in the middle of my treatment last year,,,,he was sad....I think he missed me. By 3/2013 his owner felt he would be happier with me... Of course I had 5 acres of country living compared to his in the chicago city living.!!!! I also think he cared for me an knew I still needed him to fight my cancer. I am in remission now and ACE my chocolate lab is rejoicing in my remission with me. Dogs can be such comfort!!!

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