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Nasopharyngeal Cancer

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I am 45 yrs old, was diagnosed May 2012 with Nasopharyengeal Cancer (sinus). Went through Chemo and Radiation, rough times! Then took CT and other scans, came back it had spread.

Taken Chemo again, but last scan showed no new growth so I am on a break from Chemo for now.

Happy time!

Was just wondering if any others out there with this type??



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Diagnosed with NPC at 46 years, stage III. I finished the concurrent radiation and chemo on Sep. 5th, 2012 and last round of adjuvant chemo on Nov. 26th 2012. Except for the usual and manageable side effects, so far so good. Feeling good. Next follow-up at the end of September.

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Welcome to the H&N forum, it sounds like you already know the ins and outs of this mess.  While my cancer was different (stage Iva, scc, bot, hpv +) I know of several folks here who share your diagnosis.  I am sorry you are making part of the journey again, but hopefully it will be taken care of for good.

Best of luck,


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I was diagnosed in March of 2012 with NPC.  We were probably going thru treatment at the same time....I am so sorry it came back on you....I have my one year scan at the end of this month....hoping and praying that it's still gone.

What type of chemo did they use the first time around?  Are they using the same type this time? 

You are a FIGHTER!!  Good for you!!


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Welcome to the family

I too had my NPC come back a second time and treated with Rad & Chemo, click on my name and it will bring you to post and information. In face I had my NPC come back three time the last time was in 2006, yesterday I seen my ENT and for the first time I heard her say the word NED.


God bless


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Not trying to one up you cause you know what this is all about, but I been through it twice with Hodkins thrown on top and I'm four years out so you can kick its butt too!!! No matter what God has prepared a place for us so either way we win! I'm just not ready to leave yet And neither are you because we have others to encourage and bring strength to and share our story. Chin up and take it one day at a time! God loves you and God Bless! (BTW I'm 43 yrs old for reference)

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