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Caring for the caregiver

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Good morning!  Finally feeling a little human again.

Sweet husband cancer survivor Jim had the misfortune/opportunity to take care of me for the past couple of weeks.  As one who has degenerative spine and disk disease, from the time to time I have to have a spinal fusion.  I managed to put this last one off until we got the lip cancer taken care of but now we are looking at viewing the higher-pitched vocal cords as the ENT doesn't get as good a look as he would like like at those - I personally think they don't exist because he has such as deep voice - when we met he was singing second base in a choir!

Anyway, say prayers for him as he waits on me hand and foot - it's tomato season here so I crave a lot of BLTs!

Thinking of all of you - just can't sit up too long at the computer right now.


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jim and i
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So sorry to hear you are down. Praying for Jim at his next doctors visit and also that you have a speedy recovery.


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Wishes for a speedy recovery

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I would love to have a BLT, it sounds down right delicious.

Best of luck to both of you.


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Hello !

Love is all I hear in your post.  I have felt this kind of love in my life with my husband.  Being a caregiver when you both have life altering diseases sometimes is a challenge.  But some how we do it.....and it is amazing !  My sister has the same condition with her back, so I know the pain you experience.  I'm so sorry.  But your hubby stepped up to the challenge and is right beside you.  That gives me the sense that you both are dedicated to one another come what may.  I pray for Jim for continued strenghth to help you through this.....and I also pray for you to help ease the terrible pain.  Hugs sent to you both !  Katie 

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I have first hand evidence that BLT's help with pain and are uplifting to the spirit! 

Thick cut bacon cooked so it's still somewhat soft is best for me personally due to swallowing issues but definitely fresh romaine lettuce, home grown tomatoes and plenty of mayo on the bread of your choice make for a therapeutic collage of flavor.

Feel better soon!


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