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Missing my mom how to deal with it

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I lost my mom to breast cancer on march 24 2013 and she had out every since I was 7 1998 . Now since i am 1 about to turn 22, I am dealing with grief of losing i my mom. Both of my parents dead by and before I turn 21 an I have no sibling. it seems like I'm loosing my mind and I thought will never deal with grief.i thought since my talked got me pout her wanted to die help me, but it didn't .  For the first months after losing my mom grief didn't hit me and I thoughthat hat was ok. I was doing everything I like to do but now everything change loony listening to music like I use to and I am not watching the shows like I use to. I am not hanging out with my friends that much.ever seconds of the day I cannot stop thinking about my mommy. Sometime I wish I had cancer and she did not have to suffer from the cancer

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My heart goes out to you dear one.  At such a young age, you have experience the loss of both parents - is unimaginable.  Please .. please seek a support group, or individual therapy to help with your grief.

ACS 1-800-227-2345 - can provide you with support supports in your area.  We also have 2 links down here on the discussion boards site - caregiver's and emotional support.  Please check out those links as well.

Please let us know how it all goes.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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I am so sorry to hear...I can only somewhat relate-MY dad died when I was 19...what helped me way back when is:

Try to think of all the GOOD times...when the bad times come up...try to think of what you had. MY THOUGHT with my dad (well over 30 yrs now) I have thought since the start..I was LUCKY to have a great dad a short time then bad dad for a life time. I know too fresh/ new to you right now. Try a journal-in hind sight it helped.

any local support groups?


MY thoughts are with you....


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You  are as much a victim of cancer as the rest of us here and our families. 

You are in my heart and prayers.  Try to find a support group.  Speak to your pastor.  Do whatever you need to find help dealing with this. 

Please keep us updated on how you are doing.


Candi Cane
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I'm very sorry for your loss.  Please do look into a support group.  Almost every hospital will have one and you can check with them. 

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Sweetie, you are exhibiting classic signs of depression and you have to talk with a physician.  Don't let this snowball.  The good news is you will feel better!

You have had so much on your plate.  Delayed grief, as you seem to be experiencing, is normal.  I lost my mom when I was pregnant and I think I delayed grieving to protect my baby.  When she was about 6 months old, I found myself looking at this baby with my mom's eyes and weeping because she would never see her.

However, when you begin to lose interest in friends and are overwhelmed, you may need a little help.  You can talk with your family physician.  He or she should be able to help.

Some info about grief: http://cancer.stanford.edu/information/coping/grief.html


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