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Turned Another Corner

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Hi, big thanks to you that reponded to my last posting about the intense pain while healing up from the thoractomy and taking out 15% of my left lung.


I slept in bed for the first time. I slept for about 3 hours without waking up which felt wonderful. It was bad, however, because I can't get out of bed by myself so I had to wait until Brian came home at 7:30 AM from working 3rd ****. Luckily I didn't have to go the bathroom really bad otherwise I would have had to pee the bed. When I got out of bed, it felt like I ripped part of my lung apart and it stung like crazy. So sleeping in bed is nice, but I don't know if getting out of bed is worth it.

The pain is a bit better today, so I imagine I will plateau again and have to wait for the next corner.

I sure appreciate the support and suggestions. It is nice to have a place to come with people who understand.

One very good thing is that my breathing is VASTLY improved. Prior to surgery, I would run out of breath so easy; sometimes when talking I would cough and cough, run out of air and have to quit; the dry cough was bad; the crackling in the chest when I exhale when sitting or laying down is gone (sometimes I would wake up during the night and then couldn't fall back to sleep because the crackling would keep me up); I don't have the wheezing that I was having. That darn plum in my lung sure caused a lot of problems. It is very nice to be able to breathe normal again. I actually felt like I was going crazy that I couldn't go one like that.

It sure is nice to have turned another corner as far as pain. The pain is so intense and I can tell I am down in the dumps and whiney this time.

I am still doing as much as I can and perhaps too much at times. I walk out in the yard a few times a day, and do as much housework as I can. Heck, Brian and I canned 10 quarts of sliced dill pickles yesterday. He had to help me quite a bit this year. I have to admit the help is nice, but I sure do like doing it alone better! I miss being able to pick my veges out of the garden. Brian has to do all the picking. 

Today when he wakes up we,well Brian does, have green beans to pick. I am not sure if I am going to can or freeze them.

It is interesting with my dog, Cinnamon this time. She is always my little shadow following me around, but she is sticking right to me. She isn't even taking naps in bed with Brian since he is sleeping during the day. She sleeps in what ever room I am in. When we walk, she is walking much slower (except for one time when she was on a rabbit hunt near the woods, lol, it hurt like heck when she was pulling me). 

Well,thanks for listening. You are a wonderful group of men and women!!!

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Do try to take it easy and forget your housework for now.  Do you really need all those pickles?

You had a serious surgical procedure and your recovering from it.  Please don't do to much.  Rest and try to gain your strength back, slowly.

You don't want to have to go back 2 steps instead of moving forward.

Best wishes,


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So very glad to hear things are getting a bit better for you.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could sleep in your bed and when you wake up, push a button and the bed would lift and stand you up on your feet.  No mid-way ouchy.

Continue to get better.

Hugs, prayers and heartfelt wishes.


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Glad that you doing better.  Don't  overdo it.





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Well, the thoracic surgeon told me I would have a new area of nerve damage. I had only felt mild symptoms up until this point. I thought maybe I was lucky and wouldn't get it. Well....This afternoon, it all reared it's ugly head. The nerve damage pain has come to visit.

My left chest area is worse again, the left side of my rib cage down to my belly, and a larger area on the back. I have the burning when something touches it, when I washed today it felt like a blow torch, I rode in a car for the first time and it was terrible. Thank goodness I still have those little comfort pillows they gave me when I had my BMX.

At least I know what it is, that I already have meds for it, and that I have a lidocaine infusion due in a few weeks. It is not like 2011 when I first got it. I already have a pain doctor and treatments, so there is no mystery, no confusion, no feeling lost.

THe only thing is, I get to draw different spots on the body for for pain.

Oh, and the top part of my butt, the tail bone area, and spreads a little to the top part of the butt cheeks have lost feeling!!!! What a weird spot. I just hope it stays numb and doesn't start to sting. That would suck.

THanks for encouragement to take it easy.I didn't do a whole lot today. Beans stayed in the garden. I only did dishes and made pork chops (just broiled em) and boiled potatoes (with the skins, just cut up). I did pick a few weeds in the onions (not many),and a few onions that needed to come out or came out with weeds.

I am not planning on anymore car rides for awhile.

Tomorrow is laundry day. I warned Brian two days ago. He was whining about it.I think he sure misses me up and going like usual (and not that going like usual is a whole much more). I decided I am not going to help. Last time I picked clothespins and gave them to him, but I think I will rest up.

I am sleeping in the recliner again tonight. Hopefully I can sleep for a few hours straight again without waking up.

Thanks so much for caring. It really helps!

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you are doing so much, thorocotomies are so painful, the worst. it is good to move but you realy shouldnt push it. vicodin did nothing for me. perccet was much better. I am a light weight with meds but certain drugs work better than others for different people. i cant take morphine it makes me sick and doesnt relieve the pain.  check into something that can make you comfortable. i hate ignorant docs. (I am a nurse)

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You have had a major operation please try to take it easy. I hope the pain will decrease and eventually go away.

My best wishes to you, please take care.



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You are doing way way too much for someone a little more than two weeks out of surgery.  You need to slow down and let your body heal.  I was told not to lift anything stronger than a gallon of milk and sometimes I have trouble doing that 4 years later.  I am a type A personality but I was told not to do anything for 6-8 weeks.  I couldn't go in a car unless it was to the doctors because of the pain of going over bumps and pot holes.  Walking around the yard is good for you but not all the housework and stuff.  I know it is hard but you have to let others family/friends help you out.  If someone offers to make a meal or help let them.  You need to rest your body it has been through a trama.  I'm sorry to hear you are having nerve pain, that stinks.  You need to speak to your doctor directly when you call leave a message to have him call you back, certainly talk to him about this issue.  Make sure you have plenty of pillows behind you and try to use your feet to push your body up if you slide down the pillows.  When you get out of bed you should roll to the side and put your feet on the floor then you can use your arm to help push yourself up.  It will take about a week but it will get easier (once that nerve pain goes away).  I hope you feel better soon.  Animals are the best aren't they, my dog did the same.  They are so sensative to humans it is amazing.



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I LOVE my recliner whenever I have any surgery-I am guessing if you have one you have tried it already.


Sending good thoughts your way.


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