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Colon Palooza role call

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I am seriously considering attending this event. i would love to know who else is going. Please post if you are going or at least considering it.

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Nana b
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Tempting.  Yes, I would like to know who is going also. 

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Please post details - I googled it and only found info for the 2012 event. new orleans is on my bucket list, and I have no desire to go to mardi gras.

I'd be interested - if only to hear jazz, explore the city, and meet some of you all. And come back with a really awesome t-shirt. 



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I agree. I would love to meet some of the folks here but i have also wanted to see New Orleans for years for the music and foot NOT Mardi Gras

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Oh New Orleans!  We went there for our honeymoon!  The food was fantastic!  The music was also wonderful...he strolled the streets, ate lots of delicious food, and enjoyed the architecture.  I had 3 dozen raw oysters for dinner one night..oyster PO boy's for luch, and jambalaya for dinner...oh...the food!

i hope you guys get there some day...we did not go during mardi gras, we went in June...and boy was it hot.  Everyone was very friendly.  That was 18 years ago...wow time has flown by.  i hope you guys get there and can enjoy all that the city has to offer.


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is great!  That is a couple of weeks after my chemo ends and around the time the surgeon was wanting to do my resection.  I would definitely be interested in trying to go if I can.  My daughter will be attending college about an hour from there and I could "kill two birds".   New Orleans is a morning drive from my house.   Not too bad. 

Yes, I think I will try to work that in- sounds fun.


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Just need to know which hotel exactly so I can book my room!


it really is an experience I highly recommend if you can go.  At my first one the one thing that I noticed right away was that everyone knew all the cancer terms, I didn't have to go into a long explaination when I talked about things I had gone thorough or was going through, and meeting people that you might have been talking to for a long time here online!



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Good for you? as it was FANTASTIC for me!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Love ya. :)



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Not to be annoying, but just want to make sure all who have an interest are notified! Janderson1964, get a group together and join us for some fun.........
My friend Kelly is coordinating the event but is not a member of the CSN message boards. Please send me a private message with your email address if you decide to come so I can add you to Kelly's email notification list with updates, itinery, and other information (or if you have any questions). I will try to check in weekly for messages.
"CP11 New Orleans" Thursday November 7- Sunday November 11
Hotel Information:
Drury Inn & Suites - New Orleans, LA
820 Poydras Street - New Orleans, LA, 70112
P: 504-529-7800 F: 1-877-356-0021
**There is no group name or code as the group may be small this year and we do not meet the minimum for number of rooms needed to form a group. Make reservations on your own. The sooner the better the deal.
Webites with visitor information:
****Check out the places to see, things to do, and dining information. 
Itinerary usually looks something like this:
Thursday- evening meet and greet at the hotel receptioon hour, dinner nearby, drinks somehwere else
Friday- breakfast at hotel buffet, outing/sightseeing, happy hour at hotel to mingle, dinner
Saturday- breakfast at hotel buffet, outing/sightseeing, happy hour at hotel to mingle
We have a group of about 12 with reservations. All 12 have attended several Paloozas already and we have certainly created a strong bond, however I am not sure if any post on the board anymore, so I don't know if current CSN members would recognize the names. It is so special and  meaningful  to meet those you share your experience with and have leaned on for support. Those who really get it! I conisder these people my second family. With that said, know newcomers are always welcomed to attend and encouraged to rally those you post with to attend with you! 
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I assumed there wasn't going to be one this year since no information about it has been posted and for most it's to late to make plans.  I didn't know it had went private?  Usually it's posted about the events etc., here on the forum.  I wouldn't even known how to get on the list earlier then now. 

Winter Marie

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I am going. I hope the other "old timers" (don't be mad at me for that term, although it beats the alternative). maybe "seasoned" would have been more appropriate, will post that they are attending too as I do not remember their srceen names. If ya'll see this- send a post that you are coming! I don't want to advertise your personal business!


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