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A better result for me!

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I am thrilled to be able to tell you that finally, after 7 consecutive rises in my CA125, I have had a drop!!   Just a small one of 28 points but at least it is now heading in the right direction!  This week I had my 6th cycle of Topotecan over three days and my 4th infusion of Avastin.  I believe the addition of Avastin has helped.  Unusually for me I am feeling quite zapped this week so am taking things quietly.   Just another 500 or so points to drop!  Hopefully the rate of fall might increase a little!!

Julie x


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I am keeping my fingers crossed that Topotecan + Avastin combo kicks your cancer's butt and that CA125 drops till it hits the floor and stays there.

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That is terrific news!  I am so happy for you!  May your CA 125 continue to drop.


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I hope your good news continues .I am waiting for some good for myself.    


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Your support an encouragement is amazing!   Wishing you good results too Colleen!

Julie x

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Keep it coming down!  And hopefully yours will be a good number, too, Colleen!





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