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I just have to write this...

Cheryl S
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and it may get deleted, but, I think it deserves a chance.  When I first came here, this site was so helpful to me.  The ones that responded to me gave me great advice, encouraged me and celebrated the end of rads with me, and, I have so many new friends.

However, what is happening now is very sad.  I just want to say that if you don't agree with someone or like them or like the post or if it rubs you the wrong way or whatever, why not just keep it to yourself?  I know I do as I don't think this site is meant for that.

We all need to be together and to be in a solid sisterhood.  Just ignore posts that you don't agree with and don't respond.  That is what many of us do now.  With all of the evil and hatred in this world, we sure don't need it on this site. 




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The truth should never be deleted.

We come here for support and encouragement during this difficult journey.  There is a whole world out there that can break out hearts.  This should be a safe zone.


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I agree with you!

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So very true

Pink Rose
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Totally agree!

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I totally agree-I do not reply or comment-We all have our own thoughts and ideas. Many times there is MUCH great advice so I GO with that.


NO two people react to situations the same mentally or physically-WE all have to do what works best for us.


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this is somewhat a situatuion I was in last week IN PERSON with a long long time friend. (4 of us go out monthly and have been friends since 5 yrs old-we are all 54 now)

So anyhow ONE had an opinion on my family  life , which I did not agree with, I JUST listened. Later in the night she was on the phone in my car. I over heard her conversation with almost the same situation and she handled it completely different then she told me I should do.

MY points is "I just said nothing negative or a word about it. JUST thought to myself funny "when the shoe is on the other foot" NO sense of ruining a GREAT friendship-I just let it go.

if you can follow what I am trying to say...


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Thanks so much!!! I totally agree. Even when you say these are your feeling people may take it as you are telling them how to feel.

Hopefully we all learn lessons on here all for the better!



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This is one of the reasons I haven't posted much recently.  When I first came here 4 yrs ago (it seems like yesterday in some ways but 40 in others), it was a much more positive 'place' to                               come for information and support than what it has become in the last several months.  Yes there have been 'bumps' along the road but they were resolved quickly.  

I disagree that when you see something posted that you feel is 'off' that you should never reply to it.  When 'you' see a post that says "This is what will happen to you because it happened to ME!" - that needs toi be replied to because no 2 of us are the same in any way  It is great to give input as to what we each experienced as a possible for what you will but to say "This WILL happen to you because it happened to ME" is wrong.

To me - it has become cliques/coffee klatches in many ways.

Winyan - The Power Within



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I wondered from the start about "cliques" and thought surely not at a place offering support.  Many times, the people who joined at the same time have conversations with each other but won't reply to someone newer commenting or asking questions.  Luckily, I've stumbled upon many helpful people, as well.  Linda  

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Amen.  We all need to love and support each other!!! 

Do remember though there is also an abundance of illness and depression on the board--factors that can make a person downright cranky Wink.  My advice, take what is helpful and builds you up and ignore the rest.

I am an avid reader.  Sometimes a book is recommended for me, but, for whatever strange reason, the book is just not clicking with me.  I don't force it anymore.  I have come to realize that books are right or wrong for me at a particular time for a myriad of mysterious reasons.  I don't feel guilty; I just move on to the next book.

For me, the message board is the same.  Take what you need and leave the rest!

P.S.  There are times when we all need a break.  Sometimes I disappear to regroup and rest, but I come back Smile.

Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

I agree sometimes it's better not to reply unless it's helpful.I seem to come on when I guess there has been a problem I didnt know about.Seems like a few weeks ago there was another situation so I can understand.We'll loose these Pink Sisters or Brothers and we don't want to do that.They will say we're not supportive and leave  

I guess it's like we hear.If we can't say something nice don't say anything at all. I've had my moments when someone hurts me.After awhile I do it back and it's wrong.Turn the other cheek and never go back.

Lynn Smith

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