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Udate on Doctor's Appointment.

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I saw my Oncoloyist Tuesday and I was informed that my cancer is still local. This is very  good news for me because I was told that the chances of the cancer returning in the very same location is 1out of 9.  He also stated that I do not have to have chemo only radiation for about 6 weeks.  I am getting a second opinion about that.  I just don't want it to return a 3rd  time.  I may not be as lucky next time.

I have several questions maybe someone can answer.  I am aware that getting radiation cause you to be tired. What I would like  to  know is would I be able to drive myself back and forth to get my radiation or do I need someone else to drive me?  My physcian said that the tireness comes about the 2nd or 3rd week. I would also like to  know is would I be able to work a full time job?  I know these or some of the questions I can ask my Radiologist tomorrow but I just thought I would get your opinion since you all have already had radiation beforedy.

 My appointment with the Radiologist is tomorrow. I had a MRI yesterday. I guess  I will get the results of the test next Wednesday when I go to see my Breast Specialist.

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I drove myself everyday to my radiation appointments and I work a full time job and did not miss one day. I did not know how fatigued I was until my treatments were over. Remember that everyone is different.

Good Luck to you and I hope you do well!


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Good luck with the MRI!  Praying that you get good results! 

Someone drove me everyday to rads, but, that's because they wanted to and I didn't mind.  Normally, it was my husband, but, I also had friends and other family that took me.  It was their way of helping, so, I let them.

I got exhausted with rads.  Some do and some don't, but, I did.  I think it was about the 3rd week that the exhaustion started hitting me and I started getting pink and sore.  I think I had problems perhaps that others didn't.  Lucky me, huh.  lol

Everyone is different, so, you could have totally different results than any of us.  This is just about me.

Good luck and keep us updated.  Many of us just finished rads and will help you however we can.


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So glad to hear it's still localized.

Haven't had rads, but will be praying for you. 



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I didn't work during rads, but, many here did.  You have to be sure if you do, that you get lots of rest, meaning go to bed earlier and rest as much as you can when you are home and take good care of yourself. 

You can do it! 

Hugs, Kylez

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I had my radiation in 2009 I drove myself there and home. I did sleep a lot though so yes make sure you rest I did work during my treatment went to bed early and naps when I wasn't working.


good luck


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I finished my rads 5 weeks ago and I drove myself everyday.  My appts were at 1:15 pm, so I worked until 12:30 each day, went to treatment and then went home and promptly took a nap.  I was exhausted some days more than others.  Since radiation is over, I have been surprised at how my energy level is.  Most days it is getting better each day. But when I have done more than ususal, I hit a brick wall and have to stop, I start sweating and get weak, but just rest for about 30 minutes and I am ready to go again.  As everyone here says, this is how I have and am reacting to the radiation and the fatigue.  I had some skin redness, but not like some. We are each individuals.  Praying that you will have an easy time with the rads.

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I am very thankful to have friends like you Grannabeth and the others. Thank you all for the comments. They are very helpful.

My first appointment is for consultation only. The next one marks the long journey.

Pink Rose
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My husband drove me.  He didn't need to, he just wanted to.  I could have driven myself.  It just made him feel like he was helping me, which he was.

I don't know how old you are, but, sometimes age makes a difference, I think, in how tired we get, or, if we exercised before.  I found that by walking at night with my husband, it did seem to help with my energy level.  But, I did get tired, very tired, very easily.

Best of luck and ask anything!


Candi Cane
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Others drove me too, but, I could have.  We are all different, so, we will all react differently to any treatment, including rads.  If you can drive yourself and want to, then do it.  If you feel you can't, then please get someone to help you. 

Good luck and I am here for you,


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Megan M
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How did your appointment go?  When are you starting rads? 

Hugs, Megan

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Compared to chemo, rads was a piece of cake for me.  I had a mild sunburn.  Period.  I know I was lucky, but no fatigue, no problems.  Hope you are as lucky!!!  Chemo, on the otherhand, kicks my butt to the curb, but I get through it. 


June Bugs
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Rads weren't easy at all for me.  I think they are harder than chemo.   The exhaustion alone was horrible.  I did burn, not seriously, but, I did.  My rads onco gave me creams to use and I used them all of the time.  I was gentle with my skin as I was told. 

Your doctor will keep an eye on you and I know you will be fine.  Just get lots of rest and always use whatever he says you can use. 

Hugs, June


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There's several great posts here on rads that you can read.  I didn't work, so, I just concentrated on getting through rads.  I am sure you can work through them.  You just need to get plenty of rest.  They are exhausting and you might burn, so, be prepared for that.  Your rads onco will help you with creams.  Drink lots of water, don't scrub your skin, gently let the water and soap go over it. 

Good luck!

Nana Sue
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Good luck with your results on the MRI.  I think most people can continue to work and even drive themselves to their appointment.  With me, my husband and family and friends all wanted to as it made them feel better knowing they were helping me.  We'd make a day of it, lunch, shopping or just sitting in a park somewhere talking, or, just coming back home and we'd watch a movie or I'd take a nap and they would watch me sleep.  lol

Try not to worry about it.  All of us have been there and are ready, willing and able to help you!

Hugs, Sue

Lynne P
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Good luck with the MRI!  I hope you get good results! 

Candi Cane
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When I come to the site, I am checking to see if you've posted an update.  I hope you do soon.

Thinking of you,


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Wanting to wish you good luck with rads!  Keep letting us know how you are doing.

Hugs, Leeza

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Did you get your results yet?  Praying for good news for you! 


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taylor manny
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How are you?  Did you start rads yet? 

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Kristin N
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I think only you can answer the question as to whether you can drive yourself every day to work and treatment.  We are all so different and our bodies react differently to rads and depending on how mobile we all are.  Just try it and if you find you can't, then adjust with someone driving you and cutting back on your work hours.  Keep us updated.


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