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Chris Battle has died

I am alive
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For those of you following Chris and Dena Battle's website, Kidney Cancer Chromicles, I am sad to tell you that Chris died  this morning. Check out the post on Smartpatients.com

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So sad.

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Deepest sympatahy to his family and friends.

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I am so sorry to hear of Chris's death. He has been an inspiration for John and me through John's diagnosis, and he will be sorely missed by all who had the benefit of his knowledge, his writings, hiis sense of humor, and his strong determination.  


I had read Dena's post last night on kidney cancer chronicles, so I was afraid it would be soon. But hoped and prayed it wouldn't be this soon. . . 



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Bless you, Chris. I pray you rest in peace.

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The fact that this hurts so badly makes me realize how much our community means to me. My best to each and every one of you.

Peace to Chris' family. Godspeed Chris Battle.


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my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time....so very sad

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I am so sad to hear this.  Dena and family my heart goes out to you.  He was and will always be such an inspiration to us all.


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Such sad news! My prayers are with his family


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Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

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RIP, Chris, God Bless. Thank you for your strength and support.

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God speed Chris, you will be missed

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Thank you for sharing the link Alice. I hadn't followed the post but just reading last nights entry reminds me of several conversations I have had over the summer with my daughter .She is heading off to college next week and away from the day to day reality of dealing with her Dad's (& my husband's) battle with stage 4 kidney cancer. We cry together but we know that for some the healing comes in heaven and we are prepared for what ever comes next. Matt is still fighting and we hope that some of the drugs in trials are approved soon.  Chris will watch over his girls from heaven, no more pain.  Suzanne 

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Sorry for all the emotional pain being experienced by you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers.


Is Matt currently in a treatment plan? I tried to search and find your earlier posts but couldn't find them.


P. S. BTW. does anyone know how to pull up recent posts by user name? It was something we used to be able to do, but recently I've been unsuccessful. When I search the user name, all I get is a link to the "about me" page. Undecided

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Very sad news!  A big loss to us all! Prayers for the family. :(


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His own terms.

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My thoughts and prayers are with the Battle family.

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I have followed Chris Battle's blog for quite some time and when I read it last week, I had a lump in my throat. Tonight, I cried when I read this. My heart goes out to the family of Chris and to so many that have been on this journey wiith him. God Bless.  You will be sorely missed.

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I had a feeling reading the K chronicles the other night that the end would be soon.  

I think this hurts because Chris and his wife (much like fox did with his IL-2 reporting) have included us in their journey.  The humor, wit and sarcasm in which they both wrote had me in stitches many an evening.  Crying on others.  And back to laughing on the remaining evenings.

selfishly, this loss is scary.  It's a reminder that Kidney cancer can be fatal for many.  Even when they say," they got it all" as they did in Chris' case This disease can be a determined foe.

i'd encourage anyone new and old to go and read all of the personal updates from Chris from 2009 to present.  You'll laugh and you'll cry.  More than anything you'll feell as though you lost a friend.



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Great advice CB!

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My heart goes out to one of our very own and his family.This is the world all of us here have  been thrust into and at times i hate it (Bless you Chris)

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Since my father was diagnosed, I check Chris's blog everyday for updates. I feel he is an old friend of mine already and I feel so sad about his leaving. I believe he will be healed in heaven without any pain. Thank you, Chris. You have been and will always be my beacon of light. Rest in peace. 

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Heavy Sigh...   So sad... not sure what else I can say... only that it feels like I (we) lost a true beloved family member...  Prayers to all...



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Not much else to say...

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