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Colon palooza?????

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Has anyone heard anything about the colon palooza this year???? Who is running it and where will it be?  If so can you let me know, hoping it's close enuf for me to be able to attend..







steve g
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Hi Beth; Being held in New Orleans, Nov 7th thru Nov 11th at Drury Inn. Hope to see you there. Wonder if it's possible for Craig to makle it, don't know how to contact him. Suzann is in charge I think. Sorry for being so short, computer problems. Steve

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I'm going to be there missed last years but this one will be close so I can drive, I'm so excited. Is Suzan hosting it?

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If there was going to be one, I hadn't heard a word about it until now. Thanks for bringing it up Beth.

Winter Marie

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Sigh....so many lists, so little time....*grin*....


New Orleans!  WHAT a grand place!!!  My last Colonpalooza was Ft. Worth....then, my world turned upside down....mom passed, and my beau got increasingly weaker from the bad heart....


Hugs, Kathi

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I am considering attending. I attended the Colon Cancer Alliance national convention 6 years ago and it was awesome. I would love nothing more than to meet some of you face to face. Please post if you are considering attending. In fact I will start a new discussion for this.

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I'm so thankful it is in New Orleans this year I can drive so won't cost as much.


 I'm here too tell you it's an experience I highly recommend great people and it really is something to meet some of the people you communicate with here on the board.


craig if you are listening and you want to ride along with me you are welcome.



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I don't even think I would know anybody at the Paloozas these days!  lol 

So many names that I don't recognize. 

Last one I was at was Nashville (the one I hosted) back in maybe 05 or 06???  That was the last time I saw Kerry, Jerseysue, Mark (Limey) and Jana.  That was a tough one to bounce back from.  Maybe that's why I haven't been to one since then....Cry


~~Stacy<-- clear from stage four since 2001!

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Hugs Ron.

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I'm still here...but wow, this pic shows how SHORT my hair was that year!!!!




BIG hugs, Kathi

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My friend Kelly is coordinating the event but is not a member of the CSN message boards. Please send me a private message with your email address if you decide to come so I can add you to Kelly's email notification list with updates, itinery, and other information (or if you have any questions). I will try to check in weekly for messages.
"CP11 New Orleans" Thursday November 7- Sunday November 11
Hotel Information:
Drury Inn & Suites - New Orleans, LA
820 Poydras Street - New Orleans, LA, 70112
P: 504-529-7800 F: 1-877-356-0021
**There is no group name or code as the group may be small this year and we do not meet the minimum for number of rooms needed to form a group. Make reservations on your own. The sooner the better the deal.
Webites with visitor information:
****Check out the places to see, things to do, and dining information. 
Itinerary usually looks something like this:
Thursday- evening meet and greet at the hotel receptioon hour, dinner nearby, drinks somehwere else
Friday- breakfast at hotel buffet, outing/sightseeing, happy hour at hotel to mingle, dinner
Saturday- breakfast at hotel buffet, outing/sightseeing, happy hour at hotel to mingle
We have a group of about 12 with reservations. All 12 have attended several Paloozas already and we have certainly created a strong bond, however I am not sure if any post on the board anymore, so I don't know if current CSN members would recognize the names. It is so special and  meaningful  to meet those you share your experience with and have leaned on for support. Those who really get it! I conisder these people my second family. With that said, know newcomers are always welcomed to attend and encouraged to rally those you post with to attend with you! 
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