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question about getting on disabilty

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HI To All .

I have stage 3 breast cancer, I have had my right breast removed, (along with a huge tumor in my uterus, that I didnt know was there), then 4 rounds of chemo, 33 rounds of raditation, and of course 17 rounds of Herceptin.  Just finished my last infusion of herceptin on June 28th.

I have gained some weight while on medications, and now my surgeon wants me to lose 30 pounds, and then he will begin more surgery for my reconstruction, he wants to the the flap surgery (tummy tuck).. He said that I also have developed a hernia, and more than likey that was from the removal of the tumor in my uterus.

I suffer from joint pain, mostly in my hands, especially in my left wrist, and its hard to open jars or doors with my right hand, and then there are times it is difficult for me to walk, while other times, I have no problem walking, but the pain in my hands is always there.

Anyway, like I said earlier, I am still looking at more surgery, not for sure at  this time how many...

I have been on medical leave since Feb. 2012, I applied for social security disability last summer, while I was in Tulsa reciving my radiation treatments.

Now I have been informed that I will be going to court later this month for my hearing.

I was just wondering if anyone else has gone thru this, and is it difficult to get on disability?  I have worked since I was 15 yrs. old, and other than working on and off for about 3 years, back when my first 2 of 3 children were born, I have worked one and two jobs, but now I am 48 yrs. old, and been diagnoised with cancer, thankfully, I am in remission at this time, and with Jesus watching over me, I hope to stay in remission for along time, and I pray that they will find a cure for cancer, so that no one will have to suffer with this diasease.

But its just that I still have check ups to attend, and surgeries in the future, not to mention my age, not exactly what employers are looking for in a worker. 

But, can someone out there let me know if they have gone thru this, and give me some idea of what I maybe in for at court?

Thank You 


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I have heard it is difficult.  I wouldn't try it without lawyer experienced in dealing with Social Security.

I know what you mean about finding a job after 45.  After 8 years with a company that downsized nationwide, I was unemployed at 57.  Managed to find a job in a completely different field only to get laid off again at 60 when the economy took a dive.  Took a year, but found another job in yet ANOTHER field only to be diagnosed with cancer 2 years later.  Luckily my boss now is very understanding and encouraging.  I don't think I have enough brain cells that are functioning to go back to school again. (LOL)

I wish you the best in court and healing mercies.  You are in my prayers.


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My nurse asked me one day about stress in my life, she was just seeing a tid bit of my stress that she read on my medical records.  And looking back, I do think over time, the stress, must have had some kind effect on my immune system.

For years, so many things have happened, and I thought I was handling ok, but maybe deep inside, my body was reacting to it.

For starters, my husband has for the most part has been a truck driver, and away from home alot.  And that left me with 3 daughters and a full time job. 

Then my mother had a very serious car accident, that sent her into the hospital immediately, and major health problems followed because she had blamed herself from the moment it happened.  And my dad never took care of the finances, so while she was hospitalized for 4 long months, I was driving 60 miles to their house to keep thing up, and pay bills, along with keeping my job, and taking care of our daughters, and then driving 135 miles to a major hospital that she had surgery at and was a patient for those 4 months.

Then, my husband had an accident at home, and that kept him from working for 4 months, I tried getting some assistance, (food stamps) after the first 2 months he was out of work, only for them to tell me, I was making too much money, um, I was working at Wal Mart as a pea on, (not like I was in management or anything), and I explained that we just needed help for another 6 or 8 weeks.

So I took on a second job, between these 2 jobs, I had 2 days off a month, and they weren't together, that would be too much of a luxury for this gal.  lol

But, thankfully, financially we got thru that mess, however, it wasn't more than 9 months later, my husband got hurt at work, he drove a gas tanker, and was out in a field transferring gas from the truck to a farmers tank, and something happened, the pressure buitl up in the hose, and the hose broke away, and the pressure threw him off from the top of the truck. This time he was out for like 9 months, but luckily, I was still working my 2 jobs, so that helped, and I was able to put in overtime at one of my jobs, at the time, I was so thankful for the overtime.

But at least, he came out somewhat ok, he still has problems with his back, but, it was gonna be to hard to fight workmens comp, so he just went back to work.

Now comes 2009, and the economy, well, he was getting laid off, and both my jobs were cutting back. We did what we could, but, here came ankruptcy, and lost the home we lived in for more than 17 years.

Just before he was getting laid off I did get my mammogram, I had a discharge, but at the time, my doctor said he didnt see anything, but that he did want me to keep an eye on it....well, geez whatelse could I do, especially since we didn't have anymore health insurance.

Then, finally in 2010, I found a job with insurance, but in the fall of 2011 is when I finally found a doctor, and started with my tests, and in Jan. of 2012 is when I found out that I now had stage 3 breast cancer.

So basically what I am trying to say, and hopefully people will take my advise, even if you don't think the stress going on in your life is affecting you, just because you are taking every day one day at a time, don't be fooled, your body is reacting to everything you do every single day.

And my job that I have now, well, technically it is and easy job, and about a year before I found out about my cancer, I was working at home, sounds great right??? Well, not so.... because every single morning, before I start my day, theres emails from "our quailtiy dept." and all they do is find reasons not to give you a bonus for that month, which I was able to get every month before they started having us work at home. And befor I found out about my cancer, I would read these emails, and it would just make my blood boil, I could feel my blood pressure rise.

And its not like it was just me, but our whole team, we would all complain about it.   I just want to avoid as much stress as possible now.

So, I guess I will see what the judge decides for me, I just don't know what I will do, if I go back to work, and they find some other reason, other than my illness (which I know is aganist the law) to fire me one day.

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it was easy for me. I dont knpw why but my onc asked me if I wanted to work again, I said no, and I had just done the online application.  Next thing I know it was approved and the money came.  I think it depends what state you are in and you have to have the hospital people pulling for you cause what they write determines it.  Good luck

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Sorry, it has been difficult for you. I did not go to court, however I had phone interviews with private disability insurance. They will probably ask you about your health, including very specific questions and details about your diagnosis and treatment. Please prepare notes related to your medical history and about your occupation, why you cannot work at your previous capacity.

Good luck and let us know about outcome

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