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I noticed in the past day or two that their was some discussion with Advil on an unrelated forum topic. For what it is worth I will give my experiences. It seems that almost all of the doctors will not allow thier patients with Kidney issues to take Advil or other related drugs. And we all know that sometimes Advil works best for relieving pains.

Three years ago I got Gout. It was very painful. My GP did not want me to take Advil. I called my Urologist and his answer was as long as I take only a limited amount and for only a limited amount of days it was OK. Last summer I fell and hurt my knee bad. My Orthopedic Surgeon did not want me to take Advil without talking to my Nephrologist (whom I had been seeing for over a year). Same Answer. You can take Advil in limited amounts for a limited amount of days.

I do not want to suggest that these answers are applicable to anyone else as each doctor I spoke with was familiar with my bloodwork and condition,

My only suggestion is that in limited circumstances where Advil may give relief that you speak with your Urologist or Nephrologist about limited use of Advil or related drugs.



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It is good to know the best advice, and the advice that allows you to stretch the best advice, but not break it!

It makes perfect sense!

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I called my my surgeon/urologist and he said that it was ok to take advil in limited quantities.  I had a partial nephrectomy.  I am not sure if it would be the same for those that only have one kidney.

He said that I shouldn't take them regularly like if I had a tooth ache and I couldn't get to the dentist, not to take 800mg every 4 hours but if I have mild pain once in a while it was no problem.  I don't know if anyone else has had this experience but the docs are much more likely to prescribe narcotic meds as well now that I am a cancer survivor.  He said if I am home and do not need to do any driving, to take the narcotic meds when I have pain that lasts more than a few hours.

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My urologists nurse has told me on multiple occasions that I can take Advil as directed in moderation.  

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In the Advil family is Toradal. It is a much stronger medication that either aleve or adviland it carries a greater risk of damage to the kidneys and to the liver. It is often  used as a  a pain releiver and anti-inflamatory after surgery. Our nephrologist says that is is It is contra-indicated for use in anyone with one kidney and to avoid it after surg. We refuse it.  It can gung up the filters in the kidney. Jim  weard a tag - 1 kidney - no adrenals - steroid dependent - no toradal.


Peggy & Jim

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jimpeg, please note that it was Toradol (not Toradal) but that may not matter much, considering this note on rxlist:

"Please Note: This Brand Name drug is no longer available in the US.
(Generic versions may still be available.)"


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I take ibuprofen from time to time because sometimes there just isn't a good substitute for inflammation. I also get Toradol injections (a cocktail of anti nausea, steriod and toradol) for my migraines. I didn't know Toradol was so bad for the kidneys....and my doc is fully aware of my situation (she is the one that found my turmor). I guess as long as it's in limited use, I am not going to worry about it.

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My typo - it is Torodal (rather than Toradol - seems we are both typo prone). :-)

They offered it to Jim last May after surg while an in patient - so they must have stopped the use recently. To be safe we are keeping it noted on his med alert not to use it.




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For years I took two Ibuprofen before going to bed.  I have joint inflamation issues and felt it helped me. 

I was diagnosed with RCC last month and am now 3 weeks post surgery.  Radical left nephrectomy.

My surgeon told me on no uncertain terms that I will not take ibuprofen again in my life.

Apparently ibuprofen is hard on kidneys.  I don't know the specifics.

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Welcome to the site Izzy.  Your surgeon is being a little bit over-dramatic but, yes, ibuprofen is unkind to the kidney and you can't afford to take it reguarly so you'll need to find another way of dealing with your joint inflammation.

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hi izzy i was told the exact same thing....ibuprofen is a no go now.  my pharmacist said the same thing so i am inclined to go with what my urologist told me.  he also said over the counter heartburn/indigestion medicines are a no go either as well as anti-inflammatories like diffene......

eims x

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