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Interesting and clearly written article, from my favorite Webpage.

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D Lewis
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The repeated use of the other "c" word, however, seems to be primarily for it's shock value.



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I kept looking for the "other c word".....then realized I'd read it several times, and obviously was looking for even another "c" word....LOL.  This is a great article, and if I had kids, they'd be getting the vaccination.....no doubt about it in my mind.


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I'm coming across more and more articles that are all similar.....stressing the vaccine. Both of my sons have been vaccinated. Actually a year before loved one was diagnosed..irronically. I am hoping my sons spread the word to their friends. I'm also forwarding your article to them to pass on....just as I have many other articles. Did I mention they love their Mom looking out for their friends too?....Smile

Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well for you.


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Thanks for that! I forwarded that link to my kids and told them to go get the vaccines!


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Being fairly conservative on many fronts, I was one of those parents who was on the fence regarding the HPV vaccine for my children (ages 11, 12, and 15).  As a scientist, who also has a neice that survived a scare associated with HPV and cervical cancer - I still was not convinced and for the past two years had told my pediatrician I wasn't ready.

Fast forward to January 2013 and my diagnosis with SCC of the right tonsil (HPV-).  I quickly learned more than I am sure anyone would want to know about HPV and cancer.  As soon as possible after treatment ended in April, all 3 [two boys and a girl] were at the pediatricians for the vaccine.  No more questions. 

Now my goal is to encourage the many fence-sitters or anti-vaccine proponents we know to vaccinate their children as well.

Thanks for the great resource!

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"linked to" and "caused" are very different things when it comes to HNC, and those terms should not be used interchangeably.  I was Dx'd with BOT cancer, but am HPV-, so what might have "caused" my cancer?  My own best guess is "SFL"--the "L" is for "Luck"--you can figure out the "S'' and "F" on your own.



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