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I heard those 3 little letters today... NED!

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Hi everyone,

I just got back from my post surgery follow up w/my cancer specialist up in Baltimore.  My husband talked briefly to the surgeon right after surgery...but i was still in recovery.  He did a laparoscopic surgery 2 weeks ago on me to rule out progression of the cancer as a cause of my pain that I have been having since February.  i have signet ring adenocarcinoma...which has a high probability of peritoneal spread.  Well, they went in and looked and did not find any evidence of disease.  They did a belly wash w/saline and tested the fluid...also they checked my cancer markers.  Cancer markers are within normal range...down a little from earlier this Spring!  The plan now is to check CEA again in 3 months ... Then do a CT/PT scan at 6 months.  Oh, and since I do not need chemo again for the foreseeable future...I can have my port taken out!


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You've had to wade through quite abit to enjoy this one!

May these feelings continue:)

Here's your Hall Pass....enjoy your non-cancer time now!

Just so relieved for you...


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I wish we had more news like this.

Enjoy the good times and let us know what you did to celebrate.


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Congratulations,now you can do the happy dance.I hope you continue to be NED.

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NED is great news. Stay that way!!!

Cathleen Mary
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What wonderful news!!!!  i hope NED becomes a permanent member of your family. Enjoy and celebrate.

Cathleen Mary

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Congratulations and thanks to modern medicine!

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Fantastic news!  I am so happy for you!


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Congrats on the good news.    what is your current CEA level?

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My CEA right now is 3.6 .. My specialist said that it probably is not a good indicator for me.  When I was first diagnosed it was .9 ... Yes...there is no typo there, .9!  It jumped to around 5 suddenly after I finished chemo...that they were concerned about...not because of the actual CEA number...but because it was so much higher than it had ever been.  It is still within normal, but since it was so low when I was diagnosed...they won't use CEA alone to measure how I am doing...if it jumps again...then they will start to look for a cause.



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What we all want to hear.  What wonderful news.  Do they have an idea about the pain?  Hope continue to be NED!

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No...will follow up with my primary care and then if it is kidney see a nephrologist???  I can live with the pain...so long as it is not something serious.  It is hard just having a constant full feeling that I have had since the surgery.  I am eating but only because I know shined to eat.  I still have some pain from the surgery...deep inside...I know that is just my body healing up.

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Yay Alex!  So happy to read this great news!

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Thats awesome. NED is a wonderful thing. Enjoy.

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Congratulations ! May you enjoy NED forever.   Do you have a maintenance program?

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No chemo or anything really needed according to the specialist.  But he did say that this can come back...and because it is signet ring it can be aggressive...so just keep an eye on cancer markers and rescan in 6 months.  Unless I have changes in bowel habits or start to develop other signs...like fever.  He did not know why I am still uncomfortable...some people just take longer to heal from the surgery and all of the looking around and under things in there.

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That is wonderful news and I'm glad that you get to take a breather.


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 As one signet cell to another................................NED is wonderful.

Enjoy, now we just keep on top of it and manage.

My Onc told me........... now just go live your life and we will watch you.

Best always,

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Hugs, Kathi

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Nana b
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Great news!  

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I'm so happy for you, Alex!  No chemo, AND getting to take out your port...so awesome!  Nice to get some good news on the board too, so thanks for providing it.

Hugs!  AA

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I have signet ring too.


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