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Hi everyone. Hope all is well. I was just curious of how quickly symptoms escalated. The past 3 days I've been feeling worse and worse. Cramps, bloating, backache. I am about to get my period as well, does that make it worse? I typically never have SMS symptoms. I just feel so weak and exhausted that even the act of eating and typing this wears me out. And the thought of talking sounds so exhausting too. Please help. 

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Pms* not SMS. Sorry!

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Get yourself to the doctor pronto Tia. Don't waste your time polling people on the internet or googling your symptoms. When you ask a group of ovarian cancer patients, the only answer you will get is ovarian cancer. You may have any number of benign gyno or GI conditions. You may simply be anemic or malnurished or have low thyroid.

I have a daughter your age. When I was diagnosed with OVCA she convinced herself that she had it too because of very heavy and painful periods. We had complete work-up done on her, including ultrasound, blood tests, etc. and it turned out PCOS.

In my case it took 6 weeks between a 2mm cyst on 1 ovary visible on the pelvic ultrasound to stage 3C ovarian cancer dx by CT scan (9cm pelvic tumor, mets to peritoneum and omentum, 5 liters of ascites).

Good luck

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From the other thread, it sounds like you like the idea of seeing your sister's doctor.  If you haven't done so yet, make that appointment ASAP.  When you call, describe your concern with your symptoms, given your sister's diagnosis and family history.  Hopefully, they'll squeeze you in tomorrow or at least this week.  You may very well be dealing with a non-cancer issue but you want to verify that with answers that are satisfying to you.

We care about you.  Please keep us posted!



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I agree with the other ladies - too much to second-guess on this.  Get that appointment as soon as you are able.

I will also say that in my earlier post to you on the other thread I mentioned the possibility of endometriosis.  And yes, it does get worse around the time of your period.  But again, that's just a guess.

(((HUGS))) and Prayers to you, and let us know when you get that appointment!



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