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things arent looking good

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had a colonoscopy done last week and they removed a few polyps ( colon cancer runs in my family) the doc called me today and wants to talk to me about the results tomorro. i also got my MRI results for the lesion on my livern it says : irregular lesion demonstrates shaggy peripheral irregular enhancement. its not typical of a classic hemangioma and imaging features that do not fit in with any classic benign lesion. intraheptic cholangiocarcinoma might have a focal presentation such as this. 

they are suggesting biopsy of liver.

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My name is Laz, I'm a 48 year old male with Stage 3 rectal cancer after radiation and oral chemo treatment, currently on IV chemo.

News like you received is never easy and the process and anticipation until the treatment begins is even harder. There isn't any good way to get trough this but let it take its course. You will receive more information, treatment options, time tables and what to expect.

And once it all begins it will get easier even with the side effects of treatment. 

Remember the fear and anticipation is a million times worse than the actual event will be.

I wish you the best outcome and keep us informed.


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