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Zoladex shot vs ovaries out

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Hi...this is my first time posting. I am 2 years out from stage II breast cancer. After chemo (with terrible reactions) and radiation, I was put on hormone therapy.  I am on Zoladex shots every 28 days and Femara every day. After being given a 2 month break from the Zoladex, I am back on it and am not sure if I can tolerate the constant muscle/joint pain that has amplified. I have been given the option of taking my ovaries out and am wondering if anyone has opted out of the Zoladex shot in favor of this surgery...if so did it help with the pain?

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I had been on Tamoxifen for two years with constant problems, so I finally got the onc to switch me to Arimidex. I had a couple of Lupron shots (the 3 month ones) to shut down my ovaries before I had hysterectomy. Natural menopause is easier for me than medicine induced. I got a lot of headaches with Lupron, and the hot flashes were much worse. Since my total hysterectomy in Feb, I feel much better. Having one less medicine in my body is a list of side effects that I don't have to worry about. I do still have hot flashes. And sometimes I think I may set off the sprinkler system at work, but I wouldn't go back for a second.

I am 46, had Stage 1 IDC, lumpectomy, clean nodes, radiation. Tamoxifen for 2 years, and just coming up on 1 year of Arimidex. I am achey with  Arimidex, or rather what I thought was Arimidex. Just had blood work today for possible psoriatic arthritis. My vote is for hysterectomy. It's not that big of an ordeal, and I felt better pretty quickly.

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How long was recovery? They are talking about ovaries only..not full hysterectomy. If it means a reduction in leg pain...I'm all for it. Just so tired of constantly being tested and having procedures. (6months ago I was told cancer was in lung...thankfully it turned out to be sarcoid-not cancer).  Would love to have all of this in my "rear view mirror"

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I don't want to make light if it, but when I had my hysterectomy (everything gone but cervix), I felt no pain. I was in the hospital overnight and walking around by the next day.  I was a little sore, but not bad at all.  Other than the driving and lifting restrictions I was ready to go right away.  Maybe I am just good with pain, but others I know that had the hysterectomy done laparoscopically have said the same.  I could not take one more vaginal ultrasound waiting to see if my ovarian cysts were growing.  I do not regret my decision one bit. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Hugs, Ginny

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I am 3 years out from lumpectomy stage 1 IDC. No positive nodes, chemo and radiation. I was 49 at that time. I was on tamoxifen for about 11 months, I did not like the SE's at all. My Onc suggested my having my ovaries only removed (oophorectomy) I had that done 2 years ago and switched to aromasin. I still have some achiness and hot flashes. The hot flashes are a pain at times, the achiness is not as bad. I went into chemopause and was near the age of menopause anyway so I went with the surgery. It was a very simple surgery for me. I was up and going the next day with no problems. I think for myself it was a good choice. God Bless

                                                                   (((hugs))) Janice

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Just wishing you good luck with whatever you decide!

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Thank you all for your input....it certainly helps to hear from others who have been there.  I checked with my oncologist and I'm going to speak with a surgeon.

Be Well

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Good luck to you!

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