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1 year survivor

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my wife was diagnosed with one of the rarest ( i guess ) type of cancer in the early month of last year she had then undergone whipple surgery last june 2012 and 6 chemotherapy sessions until december of last year. after a year of her operation, she healed greatly and living her life just like the way she had before her diagnosis. just changing her eating habit, regularly doing juices and continously praising our creator for what he had given to us. hopefully, this will continue and she will be with for more years. we are now on suspicion that we are about to have our third baby and we are excited with the fact. we are hoping that everything would go as our god's plan and grace. i am very thankful that after a 10 hour major surgery, she is still with us, doing great and living a fruitful life.

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Thank you for sharing your tale.  All of us on this site need to hear good things as well as sharing our battles.  May you both share a long, wonderful, and blessed life.

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Your Family is truely BLESSED!  Posts like your's are GREAT to read!

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