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important question

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ive been posting in the uterine cancer board for a bunch of issues im dealing with. im 48 yrs old. i haven't been diagnosed yet. they found a 4 cm mass on my liver during an US for abdominal pain. they did a CT scan and it was undetermined so they did an MRI in which i hope to receive the results in the next day or so. they also found my uterus to be thickened and did a uterine biopsy last week and they performed a colonoscopy last week and removed some polyps and sent them off to pathology ( colon cancer runs in my family). my question is: this past february i had a mamogram, they found a spot in my right breast and wanted to do a biopsy, but i opted to wait out 6 months and have another mamogram ( they gave me the option) is it possible that this spot, if it were cancer, that i could have spread to my liver in that amount of time? i dont feel any sort of lump . has anyone had this happen here?

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Don't know if this is possible, but would not postpone biopsy of the area any longer.  I never felt either of the lumps in my breasts.  They only showed up on mammogram, but both were cancer. 

Make sure your current doctor's are aware of the mammo results.  They would be the ones to give you the answer to your question.

Please keep us informed.  We care.

Hugs and prayers,


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