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Xeloda and being a dentist gave me pretty bad muscle spasms in my back and heat was very good for it. Now that I'm getting more 5-FU I figured I'll invest in an Electric Heating Pad. So I went to the medical supply store and the sales man presented me with two products.

He said: "This is a German product it's $189, but it will last you 20 years easy."

I thought: "Well, I'm a cancer patient. Even though I'm young at 48, but I have cancer so probably I won't need this pad for that long."

"Do you have anything less expensive?" I asked.

"Well", he said: "I have this other product for $89, but don't expect it to last more than 3 years."

"Wow, I have to be a little more optimistic than that." I figured.

"You know what, screw it. Give me two of the German ones."




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    Too funny

    Isn't that crazy to cbarge that much for a heating pad....little fingers should come out a give you a massage for that price! Jeff